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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 22, 2014

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How Will Google Glass Change Search?

How Will Google Glass Change Search?

Technology junkies from around the world are falling over themselves with excitement at the prospect of being able to own Google Glass.  That it will be available to consumers towards the back end of the year in the run up to the festive season is not going to hurt the inevitably high demand, either.

If you haven’t yet seen this ‘augmented reality’ headset, then you need to do so now.

Those who are familiar with the new product, which will be available to developers as early as April, are already starting to discuss the potential changes it will bring in terms of search.

In reality, whatever changes they do bring, in some respects, will be by the by. The real question is what businesses can do so that they can best capitalize on the ways Google Glass changes search.

Mobile Search

Increasing numbers of people are using search engines on the go, whether that is on a smartphone or tablet device. Add Google Glass to that list of mobile devices.

Many businesses have already started adopting websites and their search campaigns to be more mobile friendly. They will see themselves enjoying the benefits when Google Glass becomes a popular product. Those that are behind need to start thinking mobile now, or they will find themselves lagging.

How to Search

The single biggest change is likely to be in terms of how people search. Had Google Glass been around in the 1980s, there would probably have been a huge keyboard and power pack to carry with it.

21st century technology is thankfully a little more advanced.

Say the Word

You guessed it; you speak into the device to search with Google Glass. You can use a ‘laser keyboard’ if you want, which will be projected onto your arm, but where is the fun in that? Keep the keyboard for sending email.

Voice commands themselves are nothing new; they have been a feature of even more basic mobile telephones for many years. However, this being Google, the potential behind it is massive.

Walking down an unfamiliar street and feeling hungry? Just say the word, and your Google Glass will tell you your options.

Need a map because you have no idea where you are meeting your friend? No problem, see the street before your very eyes.

Photo Opportunities

The biggest frustration when taking a photo is that you often struggle to get a picture portraying what the eyes can see.

With Google Glass, simply blink, and the image in front of you is stored.

But what does that mean for search?

Well, what about the times when you see someone with a bag that you love or a pair of shoes in a shop window but the price tag is a little hefty. Simple; get Google Glass to take a picture, and it finds websites and stores near to your location that stock the same item, as well as the price.

Life made easy!

Business Moves

How do businesses need to change?

Continuing to develop their website’s and SEO campaigns with mobile in mind is necessary. A greater focus on local search, especially in terms of their location and contact details, so that Google indexes them highly, will also help. Platforms such as schema will become more in vogue as everyone looks to get the best from Google Glass.

Karl is an online content writer with a specific interest in SEO techniques and processes, including link building and the use of various SEO tools online that can help improve search rankings.

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