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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 31, 2014

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Four Ways To Avoid A System Meltdown

Four Ways To Avoid A System Meltdown

Many businesses rely heavily on the technology of computers to be able to function and carry out everyday tasks. Unfortunately from time to time technology does fail us leaving us unable to work, wasting time and leaving us behind and later playing catch up. If your business does rely on computers and technology to function it is important to back these up and take appropriate measures to ensure you don’t lose any time to system errors. As a business time is precious and it can be extremely frustrating if problems with technology mean you cannot work creating more work in the long run. Here are five ways to avoid a system (and business meltdown)-

Anti Virus Software

Because many of us haven’t experienced the damage a virus can do we don’t think it a priority to install and update antivirus software. Ensuring firstly your computer is protected and secondly your software is up to date is essential. If are unlucky enough to get a virus on your computer before you know it the whole office will also suffer and this could result in systems going down. Antivirus software can be expensive but it’s worth the investment to protect your computers. Ensure every piece of machinery is protected and inform your staff that they must install any updates that the software suggests.

Regular Servicing

Just like a car your computers and servers should be regularly serviced. Computers do suffer from tiredness and need a ‘pamper’ day from time to time, just like you do. A good clear out and update once a month helps but consider employing someone to check your systems over every now and then. They will be able to tell if there are any warning signs that there may be something wrong and rectify it before it causes you problems in the future.

Back Up Files

There is nothing worse than losing all your files and data. Make sure your files are backed up by using a file sharing system such as Dropbox. This means if you do lose your files you can still access them from another computer by logging into Dropbox.

I.T Support

A sure way to ensure if you do encounter any problems that they are quickly resolved is to hire an I.T support team. An I.T support team means if you do have any problems you have someone to turn to and will get a quick response and a quick solution. An I.T support team can also service your machines, help prevent any future mishaps and ensure your computers are working to the best of their ability.

Eilidh MacRae works for Three Cherries who offer I.T support Bristol.


  1. One of the reasons that businesses don’t take proper care to prevent computer issues is the cost. However, you need to think about what any kind of downtime will cost you. Preventative measures are always worth it in the end.

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