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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 28, 2014

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Five Technologies That Will Change The World As You Know It

Five Technologies That Will Change The World As You Know It

It’s 2013. Future Day, as predicted in Back to the Future, is only 2 years away. So why are we all still skateboarding rather than hoverboarding? Don’t be disappointed though, as some of these technologies that are being developed could be a lot cooler!

Facial Recognition Cameras

This is CCTV that can find someone simply by using their biometric identification. The camera would be fed an image of someone, like your Facebook profile picture, and compare it to faces captured on CCTV. This software could scan through days of footage easily. This all may seem very 1984, but it is likely it will only be used by large-scale surveillance systems, like large shops. Just remember Big Brother could be watching you…

New Eyewear

As a glasses wearer, what I usually look for is a frame that fits my face, looks okay and won’t break within the first five minutes of me paying for them. However, Google have gone one step further with Google Glass. These are glasses that allow you to view information in hands-free, like something out of a movie. As Google is known for its design this could be the next futuristic fashion accessory.

3-D Galaxy

This October the European Space Agency will launch the Gaia spacecraft. This clever little thing will be able to create a 3D image of our galaxy within 5 years, with its powerful camera. This data has far-reaching implications that could change the world, and how we see our entire universe!

Oculus Rift

Gamers everywhere, this is what you have been waiting for. The Oculus Rift headset will allow you to step into the game. Yes, provided that the developers of your favourite game create a version designed for virtual reality, you could be stepping into Modern Warfare, Skyrim or Super Mario any day now!


The computer mouse is such an inconvenience. Obviously technology researchers think this as they have developed the NUIA EyeCharm, which allows you to control your computer through your eye movements. Not only will it make using a computer, but also a more comfortable experience, needing correct posture in order for your eye movements to register on the device. EyeCharm allows a cheaper step, provided you have an Xbox Kinect, into the fascinating world of eye tracking technology. A must-have, even if it is just to brag to your mates that you had it before it was popular.

As developer of modern technology excel themselves it can feel like we’re already living in a sci-fi film. As the future gets closer it promises to hold a trove of delights.

So what do you think? What futuristic technologies would you like to see made real?

Rebecca Pearson is a freelance writer for Traders Warehouse. She particularly enjoys writing about the exciting new technologies that are going to radically change how we live.

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