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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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Are You Offering Your Customers The Highest Quality Software Possible?

Are You Offering Your Customers The Highest Quality Software Possible?

Successful software sales depend on the quality of your software more than anything else. Word spreads quickly on the Internet and businesses need to realize that websites like Amazon and app stores like Google Play compile reviews from users. A series of bad reviews often leads to a quick drop in sales. If you want your software projects to be profitable, you have to provide users with high-quality applications.


Simply put, how easy is it for someone to use the software? Some users are more technically inclined than others are. Applications that are complicated, have a poor interface, or are not intuitive to use are often cast aside in favor of alternative software. In order to save aggravation later, have the developer or development team provide a mock-up of what the interface will be like before they begin work. It is much easier to correct problems before the code is written than afterwards. Make things simple for the software’s users.


You cannot control the speed of every user’s device, but you can make sure the developers optimize your software to run using as little system resources as possible. Another important thing to remember is that the software needs to be compliant with coding standards and best practices. Compliance exists in order to help developers trim their code and create software that is “lean and mean.” Additionally, you want your users to get maximum possible output with a minimum of input.


Do not be in such a hurry to get your product on the market that you do not give developers enough time to debug it properly. All too often, companies release software before it is ready with the mindset that they will release a patch or an update later. This frustrates users who have software that is unstable or possibly even practically unusable while they are waiting for the company to fix the problem. Even with the best debugging, there still can be glitches. Make sure you have an easy way for users to report problems with the software and work quickly to resolve those issues.

Beta Testing

Relying solely on developers to test their software is like asking an artist to review his or her own work. Find as many different people as you can to test the software before it is officially released. Other people are likely to find glitches that your developer or development team did not think of. If you do not want to do public beta testing, then recruit friends, family, co-workers and whoever else you can find to help you test the software.

Developing software is no easy task. Developing it well is even more difficult. However, the same word of mouth reviews that hurt bad applications work equally well to boost sales of well-written software. Offer your customers something of value and they will keep coming back for more. It is better to take the proper steps to release a stable, user-friendly product than to suffer public backlash because you cut corners.

About the Author: Leonardo Ragone works for a small software firm. They use SmartBear to do QA testing and if you’d like to learn more you can check it out here.

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