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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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3 Ways Online Filters Can Help Parents Keep Their Children Safe

3 Ways Online Filters Can Help Parents Keep Their Children Safe

More often than not, kids use the internet for three main reasons, namely to do some research on their school projects, to chat with their friends and to play games. However, not all children use the internet in a productive manner or for entertainment only. Because kids tend to get bored rather fast, their search for a new way to amuse themselves is constant. Unfortunately, some of these “entertainment” methods can prove to be dangerous and could actually threaten their well-being.

Don’t fret!                                                                      

In addition to discussing the dangers in the online medium, parents have some weapons in their arsenal to protect their children from harm, namely the internet filters and the parental control software. In spite of the fact that some parents might feel this solution is a bit extreme, it is necessary to mention that filters are actually very flexible and can be easily adjusted to different levels of security. Therefore, in the end the restriction is all in the hands of the parents who can either limit access to just a few websites or allow their kids to access all online content with several exceptions.

  1. Blocking pornographic sites

No Pornography

Given the abundance of pornographic sites these days, children can easily end up on one of them by accidentally clicking a link. Since such sites are known to hinder the social development and his ability to maintain a normal relationship if used for prolong periods, it is best that they are not exposed to them. Thanks to filters, parents can weed out such sites from the child’s computer by either blacklisting addresses or specific words. In addition, with the help of a parental control site you can also create a bad site list.

  1. Blocking sites with inappropriate language and/or content

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The internet is a big place where anyone can openly express his or her opinions. This is the reason why some blogs and websites will contain information and language inappropriate for young minds. For instance, you can do a search for “how to grow weed” on the search engine and see how many results you get. Not to mention that the process is explained in detail, some even in 1-hour videos. While your child would not start growing weed in the basement or your backyard, the issue here is that he could gather that that it is perfectly normal to do drugs. Again, parental control software could come in handy at blocking such sites.

  1. Protecting kids from online predators

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Even though it is perfectly normal for your child to want to chat with his friends and make new ones, keep in mind that the “other kids” whom he is talking to might not actually be who they pretend they are. In fact, most of these predators dedicate resources and time in order to gain your child’s trust and learn his contact details. In order to keep your kids away from these individuals, you should analyze his preferred chat rooms and start blocking those that you find suspicious, inappropriate or websites that lack an efficient and vigilant moderator.

Today’s guest post is authored by Pete Newman. A freelancer who talks about various parenting issues. A father himself he finds the software Webwatcher for pc a great asset as he can keep an eye on his children when he is not in town or in office via his smartphone.

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