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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 22, 2014

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The Top 9 Free Video Editing Programs

The Top 9 Free Video Editing Programs


Whether you are editing your homemade videos for personal and family use or working on some professional projects, you need high quality video editing software to make the film look perfect. Such programs can often be quite expensive, especially if they come from a very well-known company or offer many functions, but there are also some good open source alternatives out there, which you might like to explore before investing a great deal of your budget.

1. Windows’ own Movie Maker is quite a good choice, especially for the novice video editor. It is a light and fast program which actually comes with your Windows package, so there is no need for additional downloads and installations. It offers many great effects you can use to edit and manipulate your videos to make something you and all your friends and relatives will enjoy.

2. Cinefx Jahshaka is known as a good free alternative to Autodesk’s Combustion and Adobe’s After Effects. You can use it to manipulate animations, add visual effects, edit and much more. While it’s not exactly the most functional piece of software out there, it offers many professional capabilities which you won’t find so easily in other places.

3. VirtualDub is perfect if you mostly edit .avi files. While its basic version is extremely limited, there is a plethora of available add-ons which you can use to add more functions. It’s mostly linear-oriented and can process lots of files at the same time.

4. Avidemux is another free and simple program which you can use to cut, encode and filter. The great thing about it is that it can handle a wide range of file formats including .mpeg, .asf, .avi, .mp4 and more, plus it has a significant codec database to provide various results.

5. MovieStorm is the best friend of 3D graphics editors. It can be great for both amateurs and professionals, offering a wide range of effects and functions you can use to create cartoons and real-life animations. Many game cut scenes have been created with this program, so it is of proven efficiency.

6. Wax is a general purpose editor – it can be used for simple arrangements of photos, or to add complex 2D and 3D effects to animations. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you could definitely benefit from this program.

7. Blender is the ultimate free tool for creating complex 3D graphics. You can model, edit and add special sounds and effects to everything you create. Once you get the hand of the interface (which is not at all difficult) you will be well on your way to some amazing animations.

8. Mewa Film is perfect if you want to rearrange a movie sequence. It allows you to review the individual frames and reorganize them using simple actions like drag and drop.

9. Movica is another simple editor, but its file format range is very extensive. You can process .rm, .mpg, .wmv, .flv and many others, which gives you functionality you can’t find in other free programs.

Those and many other free video editing programs are just waiting for you to find them online. While they may not be the perfect solution for the absolute professional, they are still great for those learning the ropes or just doing something for personal use.

Rita Rova is an expert shopper and is always looking out for the best technology bargains. Finding and reviewing free software is part of her passion and she writes about this on behalf of, the UK’s money saving website for top technology stores.


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