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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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The 5 Best Features of Windows 8

The 5 Best Features of Windows 8

| On 25, Mar 2013

The arrival of Windows 8 has brought some changes in the computing world. It is a game changing Operating System with a touch-friendly, new tiled interface along with certain enhancements to the traditional keyboard-and-mouse desktop. The latest version of Windows is designed mainly for tablets, but it is still usable on desktop computers. And you can easily switch between the traditional Windows desktop and the simple Metro interface no matter which device you are on. If you’re considering buying an Apple machine you may want to check out Windows 8 Vs Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

The Start Screen

The new Start screen appears once you log in. It replaces the old Start menu. Windows Phone users will find this screen familiar. Each of the tiles represents an application, and most of them display notifications and information that correspond to the application. For instance, the music tile displays what is playing, the calendar tile shows the upcoming events, the email tile shows the number of unread email, and so on. In addition to that you can create tiles for contacts, games, and even old Windows applications. The apps which are optimized for tablets are all immersive and full screen. To go to the Widows desktop, you can click on the Desktop tile or press Win+D at any time.

The Lock Screen

The lock screen in Windows 8 features a beautiful image and some widgets showing information, such as the number of unread emails, the time, etc. You can press the spacebar to unlock, or simply swipe up on the touchscreen. Then you can begin to type your password. You can even use the picture passwords. It lets you draw or swipe a gesture which only you know. The photo of the lock screen can be used as a reference.

Increased Performance

The performance of Windows 8 is better than the Windows 7, even with the new interface running on a desktop. The Windows 8 is extremely fast, mainly when it comes to the boot times. With Windows 8, netbook and tablet users should notice a significant increase in performance. All the apps run without any problem. The system just uses some extra RAM.

Sync Your Data to Cloud

The center stage of Windows 8 is taken by the cloud. Your Microsoft account performs all the syncing for you. You can sync all of your SkyDrive data, photos, address book, and many more. You can access your files even from your Windows 8 devices. Simply sign in, and you can have access to all of you data. Use your Microsoft account to sign onto the Windows 8 and you will get all your app settings, languages, taskbar, themes, and many more.

The Windows Store

Looking much similar to the home screen, the Windows Store includes tiles which correspond to featured apps in different categories. It shows you the detailed list of available applications in a particular category. Aside from the touch-based apps, the store also features some traditional desktop apps. So, no matter which interface you are using you can discover all the Windows apps through one portal. Both paid and free apps are available in the Windows Store.

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