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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 29, 2014

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Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch - Let the Match Begin!

Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch – Let the Match Begin!

We’re really entering one of the most exciting and interesting times in the history of human evolution, a time of rapid change and innovation made no more apparent than the tech titans Google and Apple.

Each of them has been responsible for a handful or more amazing innovations that have changed the way we live our lives on a daily basis, literally pushing humanity just a little bit further down the line towards whatever goal we are striving to reach. These California-based companies are responsible for some of the biggest shifts and changes in global culture, and have major influence in whether or not we are able to realize powerful potential.

That being said, there are two specific products on the horizon that look to totally and completely revolutionize even what we expect from these tech titans.

Google Glass

Google Glass is poised to become the very first augmented reality device that is produced for the masses. Specifically designed to give you the kind of high and reality and instant access to real-time data that was once only a dream for science fiction writers, the future is clearly here when you see just what Google Glass has to offer.

Essentially a sunglasses like band or frame that wraps around your head and sits on your ears, you’ll see a small glass window that will display all of the important information directly to your eyeballs. There are a number of different sensors, GPS units, Bluetooth and communication technologies, as well as multiple cameras to help you see and record everything that is going on around you, all pulling together to give you the most in-depth experience of life you’ve ever had.

You’ll be able to literally look at a locally and bark and flick to its Wikipedia page and important background information just with the movement of your eyeballs. We’re talking some serious Minority Report kind of stuff here.

Apple iWatch

Not to be completely and totally upstaged for this new tech movement by their most recent arrival, Apple has been poised to release one of the newest game changing tools and technologies for a long time. There are a number of people who have been waiting to see if Apple would be able to innovate the same way that Steve Jobs was able to on a regular basis, and the Apple iWatch looks to calm them down.

Essentially a tool that connects through your smart phone iPhone to a wristwatch-like product, Apple iWatch will be able to feed you match of your critical information throughout the day just with a quick glance at your wrist.

This tool and technology will be able to use for any number of different features, and though it does not offer the same amount of camera and location-based information at least allegedly, as this product has not been officially released or even confirmed as the Google Glass project, it is still sending shockwaves through the tech community for what it could mean not only to Apple but to the world.

About the Author: Dennis is a tech and gadget enthusiast. He often writes topics relating to computers and gadgets. He is currently working in the marketing department at a web hosting company in Australia called Web24, a web hosting company that offers VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting services and SSL certificates.

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