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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 28, 2014

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Cloud Storage For Small Business

Cloud Storage For Small Business

Small business owners are always on the hunt for ways to store and share the many files needed to run their business. Solutions need to be efficient, cost effective, confidential and easily accessible. Cloud based storage fits these requirements.


Cloud storage is the process of storing and backing up files on a remote server. There are three types. Public storage is for a group while private cloud storage is on a dedicated server protected by the company’s firewall. It allows for customization of the storage and gives the user more control over the stored information.  The third type is a mix of private and public storage. With this kind the user can store archived data in one area while leaving the files that are currently being used in another.   Most businesses use the private type or the combination of the two.

Cha Ching

Cloud storage is very effective for small businesses. They no longer need to buy expensive software and hardware to store their data. This means a small business has more money available for startup and ongoing needs.  It won’t be eaten up in constantly needing to update the hardware or software every time upgrades come out. In addition most cloud services offer reasonable monthly and yearly subscriptions, making future budgeting much easier to plan. Cloud services sometimes offer a trial period to ensure your business can benefit. With hardware and software options it is money out of pocket for good even if the product doesn’t perform how you need it too.

Easy to Use

Business owners don’t need to worry about time consuming installations and downloading as they do with regular software. Cloud services offer customer support and can even add or end services as needed depending on the needs of your small business. Cloud storage grows along with your business.

Saved from Disaster

Cloud storage is not only one of the most secure ways that a business can store data, sometimes it’s a lifesaver for the business.  If your data is saved on your computer, and there is a disaster, for example a flood or a fire, it is lost along with the computer.  Even if you can have an expert save some of the files from the ruined computer it is a very costly expense for a business. Multiply that by the number of computers that were ruined and the total is mind boggling. Since flies in cloud storage are saved on a dedicated server all your business data is saved regardless of what has happen to your nuts and bolts place of business.  Rebuilding after a disaster is faster and easier when you still have all of your vital business information.


Small businesses sometimes consist of a smaller core of people that run the business.  Having a system where they can share data, check in with each other and work on a shared project is of upmost importance.   Participants can share information and see updates and add changes immediately.  Since cloud storage is available every day all day, project management is much easier.  Cloud storage can be accessed by smart phones, computers, tablets etc. so communication about the project is always available.

Running a small business is rewarding but challenging. There is a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. Cloud storage makes everything easier for you to create and maintain the success of your small business.

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is an occasional blogger specialized in tech, health and business related topics. When she is not working she likes to travel and discover hidden places around the globe.

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