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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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The 3 Most Powerful Accounting Software Products

The 3 Most Powerful Accounting Software Products

Now that you’re running the show have you noticed how much more time you spend working than you ever did when you were working for someone else? Small Business owners take on a considerable responsibility and have to wear many hats throughout the day to make sure things run smoothly. Thankfully, when it comes to accounting you have several high quality allies in the form of accounting software.

We’ve compiled our favorites below along with some highlights from each piece of software. Click through to the product pages for more thorough details and to make a purchase.

1. Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013

Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 (formerly PeachTree) delivers the efficiency your business requires whether you’re after rapid expansion, steady growth, or maintaining stability. This comprehensive solution lets you easily manage customer contacts and sales, customize inventory and vendor management, automate purchasing and shipping, track jobs and projects, and more.

Robust core accounting and customizable business management features save you time and money.

  • Manage cash flow, customer payments, and collections
  • Gain insight with custom reporting for budgeting, cash flow management, and benchmarking
  • Get a high-level view of your key metrics on a single screen
  • Track inventory, plan purchases, or expand service offerings
  • Manage jobs and projects
  • Get relevant advice when and where you need it
  • Reduce errors and deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail


2. QuickBooks Premier 2013

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 offers all of the features of QuickBooks Pro, plus advanced reporting and tools tailored to your business and industry. You can view customized sales and profitability reports, run “cost to complete job” reports, and track your balance sheet by class with easy-to-access reports.

  • Streamlined navigation provides easier access to data and transactions, with no relearning required. New, customizable left toolbar holds your shortcuts so it’s faster and easier to get around in QuickBooks.
  • Simplified customer forms mean you can spend more time on your business and less time on your books. Forms have a new ribbon toolbar that groups similar actions to help you accomplish everyday tasks faster.
  • Customizable Customer, Vendor and Employee Centers allow you to quickly input, store and access key information that your business needs. New tab functionality for transactions, contacts, to dos and notes allows easy reference from one place.
  • Easy access to the App Center can extend the power of your QuickBooks. Free test drives let you try before you buy.
  • Additional customer requested improvements that make QuickBooks even easier include the ability to add favorite reports to the left toolbar, a new print bills button and the option to bill automatically or not for time and expenses, with separate controls for each.



3. Bookkeeper 2012

Tired of spending countless hours manually tracking your sales and expenses, or setting up a spreadsheet correctly to electronically monitor your finances? Bookkeeper 2012 is the solution for you. It provides you with the accounting functionality you need to easily manage your business finances at an affordable price. From check writing, payroll and credit card processing, to billing, invoicing, tax preparation, reporting and more, Bookkeeper eliminates the hassles of day to day bookkeeping and frees up your valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Get started quickly – easy-to-use Setup Wizard, import contacts, download bank data, and more
  • Affordable – All of the key accounting features of QuickBooks® at the MySoftware price of $39.99
  • Manage your daily accounting tasks on one screen
  • Write and print checks – select bills you want to pay and Bookkeeper automatically fills out the checks for you
  • Simplify your banking – download credit card bank data directly into Bookkeeper and reconcile your bank statement
  • Easily manage payroll – calculate earnings and deductions easily
  • Collect payments faster – easily create invoices and estimates
  • Increase your business – accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards, checks and more
  • Generate over 125 custom reports with our Easy Report Center to evaluate your business
  • Run your business more efficiently – create purchase orders, manage inventory, and more
  • Money back guarantee


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