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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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7 Steps to Designing Your Home With Software

7 Steps to Designing Your Home With Software

| On 04, Feb 2013

Building a home can be scary and exciting. There are mountains of decisions on a never-ending check list that have to be made from the time you purchase the land right up until your move in date. Although most home builders will do some basic design once you purchase the property, there are lots of user friendly programs today that can help you design it yourself! You just need to know where to start, so here are some very useful tips to help design your home using software.

Step 1

Start with paper and a pencil. Make a list of all the features you would like to have in your new home; a gourmet kitchen, large master bath, open concept, a fireplace, etc. These are all popular requests from new home builders. Once you have a list, assign a rough square footage for each space. This will give you a good idea of the total square footage that the house should be.

Step 2

Next, you can begin plotting your walls into the home design software. Start with the exterior walls and make sure they are six inches thick. Then, move on to your interior walls which should be about four inches thick and will frame out each area or room.


FloorPlan Home & Interior

Price: $85


Step 3

Now that you have the skeleton of your home completed, it is time to place architectural features such as windows, doors and openings. A general sizing guide will tell you that windows and doors are roughly thirty six inches wide and hallways or openings should be thirty six to forty two inches wide.

Step 4

The kitchen plays a major part in any home. It involves nearly every trade from framing to plumbing to electrical to finishing. It’s very important to allow adequate room for all of the features. Every kitchen layout is different so just keep in mind the basics: A stove is thirty inches wide, a fridge is thirty three to thirty six, a sink cabinet thirty six, and a dishwasher is twenty four inches wide. Make sure to keep a minimum thirty six inch wide traffic flow from surface to surface and everything else just falls into place.

Step 5

Time to decorate! Most software programs have a drag and drop feature which allows you to select furniture and other décor from a list and simply drop it into place. You can then move or adjust the placement of the item on the plan.

TurboCAD Designer 17

TurboCAD Designer 17

Price: $40


Step 6

Now comes the fun part! Adding color and texture is quick and easy in any design program. Simply right click on an item to view all of its attributes and modify from there. You can change the color, texture, size, or angle of any item in the design.

Step 7

A photo finish! Once you are satisfied with your home design, you can then click on the photo rendering option usually located near the top taskbar. Select the wall or space you wish to view and it will create a beautiful and 3D rendering for you.

20/20 Kitchen & Bath Design is a great program if you want to focus more on the layout and interior finishes of the home. And, just like many design programs, they offer a free trial download from their website. If you wish to expand the design and create attractive exteriors and beautiful landscaping then a great program would be Home & Landscape Design Professional. And, as with any DIY project, it is recommended that you get an opinion from a professional before starting any major project like building or renovating a home.

TurboCAD Deluxe

TurboCAD Deluxe 19

Price: $83


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