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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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Microsoft Office 2013 Features Sneak Peek

Microsoft Office 2013 Features Sneak Peek

| On 14, Nov 2012

The Microsoft Office 2013 launch is right around the corner, and this latest version of the industry leading office suite is going to be better than ever. One of Microsoft’s big ideas with Office 2013 is to incorporate cloud computing technology; something yet to be tried with Office. Office 2013 is not just aiming at document utility, but has integrated other in-demand features to enhance a user’s experience as well.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the anticipated Office 2013 features.


Microsoft Word Features

  • Sky Drive: Office 2013 will have Sky Drive integration to enable cloud storage, which will be common in all Office 2013 programs. This will enable immediate storage of files created on Microsoft’s cloud to Sky Drive and they can be accessed from anywhere around the world.
  • PDF editor:  Normally PDF documents cannot be edited directly, as such most individuals have to first convert them to word document using software so that editing can be done. Office 2013 will eliminate the problem of separately converting a file as PDF documents will open directly into a word document for editing.
  • Full screen mode: Sometimes when busy creating a document some notifications can keep popping up, which are quite distracting. To curb this, office 2013 will enable a full screen mode in word documents hindering any notification from showing up.


Microsoft Outlook 2013 Features

  • Ability to connect Office to social networks and contacts: Handling multiple email accounts and other social networks can sometimes be tedious and demanding. Office 2013 with the help of a “people card” tool will help in viewing all email accounts and social networks updates with outlook. At the same time, one can be able to chat in real-time with your coworkers in an office.

  • A Clear Interface: Outlook is known to have a very crowded and hard to understand interface. This has been fixed by Office 2013 through providing a simple, clear and understandable interface. This will lead to quick retrieval of crucial information and passing it to the right people when necessary.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 features

  • More Transitions: This sounds great, as one does not have to use the limited transitions currently available when making a presentation. Office 2013 brings more of the transitions in it to enable fully customizing your presentation.

  • Read Mode: This function will provide protection against accidental editing which sometimes can cost one too much time editing errors made accidentally.


Microsoft Excel 2013 features

  • Flash fills: Imagine excel performing like Google, when searching on Google’s search bar, it tends to auto complete the search using a few characters typed. Now imagine this will be possible in Excel 2013, reducing all typing that would otherwise have been done, fantastic!
  • Recommended Pivot Tables: This aids in acquiring only information one needs from imported data. This will in turn lead to quickly perform complex analysis; from suggestions provided by the recommended pivot tables and choosing the best from them.

  • Recommended Charts: Office 2013 will enable excel suggest charts to best illustrate your data or one that works best for you.

  • Easy Sharing of Information: Since all files are stored on Sky Drive, you are enabled to share links to the documents. Alternatively, you can embed them on social sites and give privileges (e.g. editing) to the people you dedicate the files to.


Microsoft Access 2013 features

  • Simple project creation: This is from application templates that are created professionally, inspiring users to creating custom applications.
  • Simplification: After typing what you need on access, it will use table templates to deliver an application that performs the task. This is due to the fact that Office 2013 Access will fix problems encountered in creating fields, relationships and rules.

Microsoft Office 2013 is slated to release in Spring 2013. Now, before you groan at the long an unproductive months ahead, there is a little silver lining: Microsoft has an Office 2013 Customer Preview available to give you a hands-on experience. Additionally, Microsoft is running a special Pre-Launch promo in which when you buy Office 2010, get upgraded to 2013 free. With SoftwareMedia’s low prices on all editions of Office 2010, this is a deal you can’t miss. So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading that prior version of Office, now’s the time to make the leap to Office 2010/2013. You can check out the promo details here.


Chloe contributed to this article.

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