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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 24, 2016

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Microsoft Announces Drastic Price Changes

Microsoft Announces Drastic Price Changes

| On 01, Nov 2012

Microsoft has recently announced that pricing for all Microsoft Open License User CALs will increase by 15%. This comes as a shock to many IT professionals, because in the past, Microsoft has generally offered both User and Device CALs at roughly the same price.

This price change doesn’t go into effect until December 1st, however, so there is still time! Act now, and save on Microsoft User CALs while you still can.

For those who are not immediately familiar with the Microsoft Open License Program, it allows companies to purchase Microsoft software at discount prices. Licensing standard Microsoft software such as Windows OS or Microsoft Office is fairly straightforward, however products such as Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server, require a slightly different licensing model.

Typically, server products through Microsoft are licensed using a Server + CAL (client access license) licensing model. Essentially, customers must purchase a license for every server running the software, as well as a CAL for every user or device that connects to that server (hence User CALs).

For more information regarding Microsoft Open Licensing, you can view our Microsoft Open Business Licensing Guide, or call our Microsoft-certified experts at 1-800-474-1045 (ext. 3).

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