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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 24, 2014

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What is Adobe Creative Suite 6?

What is Adobe Creative Suite 6?

Adobe Creative Suite can be thought of as a bundle of powerful applications. Developed by Adobe Systems, it consists of powerful applications which are great for graphic design, image manipulation, editing videos and for developing websites and other multimedia used online.

Adobe has been an industry leader in professional multimedia software for years. Virtually every computer user has used an Adobe product at some point; whether it’s Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop. Users can purchase individual products like Adobe Illustrator or Dreamweaver as well as buying related programs in bundles called Adobe Creative Suite. With Adobe’s solid product integration, Creative Suites, like the latest Adobe CS6, give users unprecedented control over the creation, editing, and publishing of content.

In the past, Adobe has offered many variations of Creative Suite to best fit the needs of a particular designer. All the editions became quite overwhelming for a first-timer in the market. With Creative Suite 6, Adobe has simplified their lineup somewhat: Design Standard, Design & Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection. Each of these has a focus on a particular medium an industry professional would deal with—from print, to web, to video.

Buying the whole suite, or bundle as mentioned above, is practical and wise, because the individual components are very expensive to buy. Chances are, if you use Adobe products for work or as a hobby, you will use more than one of them to complete your project. The Creative Suite editions allow you to get all the related products without having to buy the catch-all Master Collection.

When it comes to Adobe CS6, there has been one more useful addition made by Adobe to what it offers. Users can obtain member-style licenses that are valid for one month at a time, which allow them to use Creative Cloud. This means that all of the applications, individually, are available for download for a monthly fee. This is a great idea for those who need only short-term access to these applications, such as freelancers who do not always need to work with Adobe’s software and do not want to spend a huge chunk of money on owning the software permanently.

With all that is expected of graphic designers, web content developers and other creative professionals today, the need for this package is definitely felt, and many would say they cannot quite do without it. Adobe Creative Suite places at their disposal cutting-edge tools to create and effectively share content. Head over to to get fantastic prices on Adobe CS6 today.


Alicia Fox contributed to this article.

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