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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 4, 2016

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TurboCAD Pro 19 Now Available

TurboCAD Pro 19 Now Available

| On 19, Oct 2012

As a Graphic Design Student, I am always hearing a high demand for classes for auto CAD classes. After working with TurboCAD Pro 19 I understand why. This program creates a strong advantage for individuals in fields of expertise ranging from Architectures to Educators so they can have a visual diagram of a project plan for a client to really seal the deal.

IMSI TurboCAD is superb when it comes to the task of creating a 2D or 3D image. The tools that are available with the program are so easy to use and manipulate the task at hand. IMSI has improved on many of these features to make creation of a design much easier. One feature the programmers have improved on is the Google SketchUp File Import/Export. Now you can seamlessly export your file and send it to your client without risking the integrity of the file. The Format Painter has been significantly improved as well. Now you can save the custom format you created to the program so you can reuse it perfectly without worrying if it is off even by a degree. The polygons are now more defined making it easier to have the shapes abutted.

They have also added new tools. One of these useful tools is a tool that renders styles and style editor. It will allow specific effects, whether you are looking for a photorealistic or non-photorealistic approach, to be applied to parts of the image. Now that custom table you are creating for the room you are designing actually looks like it has mosaic on top. New fonts are now available to annotate drawings.

So much has been changed for the better in this edition of TurboCAD, you don’t want to miss it. Buy TurboCAD Pro 19 at and receive free shipping on your purchase. Why pay more for the same product elsewhere?


Alicia Fox contributed to this article

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