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SoftwareMedia Blog | February 8, 2016

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Record your desktop with Camtasia Studio 8

Record your desktop with Camtasia Studio 8

Much more than just a screen recorder, Camtasia Studio 8 combines screen recording capability with powerful video editing tools, allowing even inexperienced video editors to make and produce professional quality videos quickly and easily.

Camtasia is best known for its screen recording capability, which allows users to record what’s happening on a pre-determined area of their screen – ideal for producing tutorial videos and how-to’s.  However, Camtasia studio is much more than just a screencaster; the real value comes with the powerful yet easy to use video editing tool, which comes with an astonishing number of features for such an easy-to-use piece of software.

Camtasia Studio allows you to combine your screen capture with other imported media, so you can add interest to your recording with photos, music, graphics and animations. The intuitive editing software makes it easy to seamlessly cut, splice and combine clips, while the SmartFocus technology automatically analyses the best points to zoom in on your video, allowing you to highlight important details quickly and easily. The multi-channel audio allows you to layer sounds, allowing narration, background music and system sounds to be captured, for a professional finish.

With Camtasia’s huge range of interactive options, you can engage with your audience by adding clickable links, table of contents, quizzes, search and more. Over 20 transition options ensure that whatever look and feel you are aiming for, you can move cleanly and smoothly from one feature to the next, without any awkward or clunky transitions.

Perhaps the single most useful feature of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8 is the production tool, which is incredible useful for people producing videos for use on multiple platforms, removing the need for time consuming video converters. The large number of pre-set options ensures that your video will be optimised for your chosen platform, whether this is your own website, YouTube, or a range of mobile devices. For advanced users, these pre-sets can easily be altered to suit a variety of needs.

All in all, Camtasia Studio 8 is a powerful, easy to use piece of software, yielding professional results for a low price.

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Alicia Fox contributed to this article

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