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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 4, 2016

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Visual Studio 2012 New Features

Visual Studio 2012 New Features

| On 14, Sep 2012

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 provides a powerful new developer experience that enables developers to be more productive than ever before. It offers a comprehensive, highly flexible set of application lifecycle management (ALM) tools. With the introduction of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft made significant changes to simplify the product line.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 New Features

Solution Explorer

As you begin to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, you will definitely notice the new Solution Explorer. It is like a cross between the old Object Browser and Class View. You can navigate your project’s objects and drill down into methods and properties. It also enables you to search and preview file and external items.

C++ advancements

Much improved C++ 11 standard support – This includes support for the new stuff in standard template library, range based for loops, scary iterators, stateless lambdas etc. It offers improvements in the compiler to auto-vectorize and auto-parallelize loops, to take advantage of multiple cores and the CPU’s ability to execute statements in parallel.


In earlier releases of Visual Studio, LightSwitch was a separately purchased product. The Visual Studio 2012 release includes LightSwitch in the Professional editions. The Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch has a new theme, support for branding and improved performance.

WinRT and language projection

WinRT is a modern framework, based on a hierarchical namespace written from the ground up to support parallelism, asynchronousity, efficiency while giving the programmer a great platform for developing stunningly graphical and immersive applications in a number of different languages. It supports touch, mouse, keyboard and pen input, support for various new sensors in a consistent way, the new Metro Style application model and rich internet data access.

The other great feature of WinRT is language projection. Language projection takes the WinRT API and projects it into a number of languages (currently C++, C#, VB and JavaScript), making the API look natural for each programming language.


Normally Visual Studio uses its own ASP.NET Development Server as the default web server for locally running and testing web applications. But you may run into a variety of differences and incompatibilities when deploying your applications on IIS.

Visual Studio 2012 solves this issue by just using IIS Express as the default local web server. IIS Express is a lightweight, self-contained version of IIS. It has all of the core capabilities of the full-fledged IIS.

Team Foundation Explorer window

Team Foundation is a great ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) product that has many cool features. In Visual Studio 2012 you can access most of those features via the excellent Team Explorer window that sits next to Solution Explorer. It really gives you all the access you need to Team Foundation Server (TFS).

NEW SQL Server Object Explorer

Visual Studio 2012 improves its SQL Server integration with the new SQL Server Object Explorer, which is more like SQL Server Management Studio than the old Server Explorer. The new SQL Server Object Explorer shows column data types as well as primary and foreign keys.

In short, Visual Studio 2012 helps developers code faster, write more efficient code, and deploy to more platforms and devices with minimal extra effort. The IDE ensures that developers are highly efficient by providing easy access to commonly used tools and a streamlined user interface that enables them to remain focused on their code.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is available through licensing in four editions: Ultimate, Premium, Professional and Test Professional editions.


Article Contributor: Satish K.

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