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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 6, 2016

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Windows Server 2012 Release Date Announced

Windows Server 2012 Release Date Announced

| On 03, Aug 2012

Microsoft, this week, announced that the Windows Server 2012 official release date will come on September 4th, 2012. The software has already begun shipping to hardware and software vendors, and now all we have left to do is wait.

Microsoft has also announced that they will be hosting an online launch event on the same day, which will feature talks with various Microsoft developers, executives and other partners. Attendees will have the chance to learn more about the multitude of enhancements and new features that Windows Server 2012 offers, as well as the opportunity to win prizes.

This newest iteration of Microsoft Windows Server, unofficially dubbed  the “Cloud OS”, is specifically designed to help customers adjust to the ever-increasing push toward cloud computing. Though details are -as of yet- few and far between, here are some highlights from the Windows Server 2012 product page:

  • Complete Virtualization Platform
    A fully isolated, multitenant environment features tools that can help guarantee service-level agreements, enable chargebacks through usage-based billing, and support self-service delivery.
  • Increased Scalability and Performance
    A high-density, highly scalable environment can be modified to perform at the optimum level based on your needs.
  • Connectivity to Cloud Services
    A common identity and management framework enables highly secure and reliable cross-premises connectivity.
  • Continuous Availability
    New and improved features offer cost-effective, high IT service uptime. They are designed to endure failures without disrupting services to users.
  • Management Efficiency
    The automation of an even broader set of management tasks and the simplified deployment and virtualization of major workloads offer a path to full lights-out automation.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Taking advantage of commodity storage, networking, and server infrastructure and increased power efficiency offer superior acquisition and operating economics.
  • Flexibility to Build On-Premises and in the Cloud
    Developers can use a consistent set of tools and frameworks enabling them to build symmetrical or hybrid applications across the data center and the cloud.
  • A Scalable and Elastic Infrastructure
    Windows Server 2012 offers new features to increase web site density and efficiency, and provides frameworks, services, and tools to increase scalability and elasticity for multitenant-enabled applications. Windows Server 2012enables service providers to better build, provision, and manage a hosting environment.
  • An Open Web and App Development Environment
    Windows Server 2012enables critical applications and enhanced support for open standards, open source applications, and various development languages.


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