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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 23, 2014

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Top 10 New Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Top 10 New Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

| On 20, Aug 2012

Film and video production is an ever-changing, ever-evolving medium. The 1920’s saw the advent of “talkies” which replaced silent films and left behind many who couldn’t adapt to the new technology. In the ‘30’s, the Wizard of Oz introduced new world of full, vibrant color. And now, in 2012, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is once again changing the production world, and ushering in a new era of cinematic awesomeness.

I have been shooting and editing videos since before time began (which is to say, around 2003), and over the years I have had the chance to use a number of NLES (non-linear editing system), from Final Cut Pro, to Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas. The reigning champion, in my opinion, has been and still is Adobe Premiere Pro.

With the release of Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe has added a wealth of new features that only serve to enhance this already powerful editing system, and I am here with a brief review and a list of my top 10 new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

10) New User Interface
Screen real estate is definitely important, especially when you’re working on something like a laptop where you only have so much room with which to work. In Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe has redesigned the UI to make much more effective use of space, eliminating a lot of the clutter that we found in CS5, and making for a generally more efficient workspace, and user experience. Not a world-shattering enhancement, but useful and welcome nonetheless.

9) Enhanced Mercury Playback Engine
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 introduced the Mercury Playback Engine, which allowed us to make full use of high-end NVIDIA graphics cards to boost editing performance. In CS6, Adobe has pulled out all the stops and added enhanced support for Mac-based OpenCL-based AMD GPUs, opening the door for even more who are fed up with Final Cut Pro X. 

8) Rolling Shutter Repair Effect
Let’s face it, even if some of us don’t like it, this is the age of DSLR video. They’re relatively inexpensive cameras with a great DoF and shoot excellent video (if you don’t mind externally recording audio). One of the main problems, however, is what’s known as Rolling Shutter, or “Jello-Cam” where fast camera motion causes the image to distort and wobble. This is due to the way CMOS (as opposed to CCD) image sensors register the image. In CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro features a native effect designed specifically to correct this issue.

7) Three-Way Color Corrector Enhancements
If you’re new to color correction, you can learn a little about the basics in our Adobe Premiere Pro Color Correction Tutorial. For those of you already familiar with color correcting and grading, you are well aware with how essential this is to editors and post-production artists. Premiere Pro CS6 offers some exceptional enhancements to this essential tool, and even some Photoshop-like auto corrections.

6) Warp Stabilizer Effect
In After Effects CS5.5, Adobe introduced the Warp Stabilizer, and it has been a boon to many videographers who can’t afford a steadycam (like me). This ability to stabilize shaky footage gives new meaning to “fix it in post” and is now available in Premiere Pro CS6, as well as After Effects.

5) Expanded Camera Format Support
The video world has come a long way in the few short years since DV and Betacam were industry standards, and Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to work natively (without transcoding) with many of the latest camera formats, such as Panasonic P2, ARRI Alexa, RED, and Canon Cinema EOS C300.

4) Adobe Prelude Integration
Now that the majority of video cameras operate in a tapeless format, Premiere Pro now includes Adobe Prelude, which makes ingesting and logging metadata for file-based video fast and easy. 

3) Dynamic Timeline Trimming
As any good editor knows, even a single frame can make all the difference between a good cut and a bad one. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 arms users with enhanced trimming and cutting tools that give you unprecedented control over your edits – use keyboard commands directly in the timeline, or JKL shortcuts in the Program Monitor.

2) Expanded Multicam Editing
Shooting with multicam has never been easier. With CS6, you can quickly edit footage from as many cameras as you need on your shoot. Easily sync via timecode, color correct across multiple shots, and toggle between tracks in real time.

1) Adjustment Layers
In previous editions of Premiere Pro, you had two options if you wanted to apply layers to multiple clips: you could nest the clips and apply the effect to the nested sequence, or go through and tediously copy and paste the effect to each clip.

Now, with CS6, you can create adjustment layers (much like Photoshop) and apply your effect to all clips on tracks below them. No more spending hours applying the same effect to dozens of clips over and over again.


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