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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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Insperity Policies Now: Create Employee Handbooks

Insperity Policies Now: Create Employee Handbooks
Kyle Fordrung

Employment policies have traditionally served a single purpose – to ensure legal compliance. However, in today’s progressive business environment, they also need to clearly communicate expectations and provide guidance to help managers and employees succeed. Insperity business software is the go-to choice for companies worldwide needing to create professional employee handbooks.

With Insperity Policies Now, you will be prompted to address these and other important issues you might not have otherwise thought to consider. Policies Now can give your organization the competitive edge in recruiting and retention initiatives.

Policies Now makes it simple to create personnel policies that are customized to your organization. It’s easy to produce a complete employee handbook in a fraction of the time it would take you to build one from scratch. Policies Now can help you achieve the kind of professional results you would expect from high-priced attorneys or consultants – but with a lot less time, effort and money.

Create a Useful and Valuable Employee Handbook

The number of employment laws has increased 700% during the last 50 years, and the best tool for ensuring legal compliance is your policy handbook. Policies Now combines built-in human resources and legal knowledge with easy access to federal and state-level employment law information. You can transform your company handbook into a well-used source of valuable information. Policies Now ensures your handbook reflects your organization’s culture and values, gives employees useful information and helps attract the kind of employees you need to succeed.

Providing thorough coverage of critical employment law and compliance issues, Policies Now also helps you communicate expectations, provide guidance and address non-traditional topics, like flexibility, personal empowerment and enrichment opportunities that give you an edge when competing for top talent.

Whether your organizational style is straight-laced, familiar or needs to accommodate a workforce not proficient in English, you will be able to communicate who you are and what you expect in a way that lets employees know they are valued.

Convey your organization’s sense of style by choosing from three language styles and eleven graphic styles. You can publish your handbooks on your intranet or in print. You can add graphics & tables to make handbooks more interesting and choose from three Language Styles – Formal, Informal and Plain English.

Flexibility and professional results are the trademarks of a Policies Now handbook. Use the formatting tools to select the style you prefer, customize the language and choose from a variety of publication and routing options.

You can also customize your company policies and create unique employee handbooks with Policies Now, and transform your resources into valuable tools for your employees.


Key Benefits

  • Take advantage of formatting and word-processing capabilities.
  • Select from three HTML and eight print designs to achieve the image and style you want.
  • Create policies covering hundreds of important issues and maintain up to six different policy handbooks.
  • Policy information, product updates, online tools and other resources are available in Policies Now.
  • Easy-to-use Q&A wizard ensures all pertinent information is considered.
  • Access up-to-date federal and state-level employment law information with the click of a button.
  • Policy-specific information is available when you need it.



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