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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 24, 2016

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Insperity OrgPlus: Creating Organizational Charts

Insperity OrgPlus: Creating Organizational Charts

Insperity has been a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years, serving as a full-service human resources department for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. OrgPlus heads their organizational charting and planning software. The OrgPlus 9 software suite includes Standard, Professional and Premium editions. OrgPlus helps you understand your organization, plan and model options and transition to the future state, so your organization can be agile and poised for success. Selected by more than 400 Fortune 500 companies, Insperity OrgPlus is the industry standard software for automating the creation and publishing of organizational charts.

Insperity OrgPlus helps you create professional organizational charts to help empower your small or medium sized business to easily visualize their workforce and make more informed decisions.

Organizational Charting for Workforce Modeling:

Creating Organizational Charts

OrgPlus creates organizational charts automatically from virtually any database and integrates directly into a wide range of HR systems and directory services. Additionally, organizational data can be imported from several file formats such as CSV, XLS and XML. Charts take shape in moments and you’ll never have to manually position or connect the boxes in your chart. OrgPlus helps you do the work in up to 70% less time.

Understanding the Organization

OrgPlus embeds over three dozen commonly used HR views into predefined View templates. All you need to do is map your data to OrgPlus fields, and you can quickly toggle through organizational views ranging from contact information to salary and diversity analysis.

Managing Large Charts

Break large, complex charts into easy-to-manage and hyperlinked sub-charts. You can save time by creating multiple tabs within one file to present different views of the organization. Chart information can be published to navigable PDF, HTML, Microsoft Office documents and more.


Create boardroom-quality charts for your management team or board of directors. Personalize your charts by effortlessly applying 36 colorful and professionally designed templates. Select from various box layout options, such as multi-column or multi-record options, to more efficiently visualize large groups. Use optimized branch styles to eliminate repetitive steps and improve chart views.

Automating the Process

Refresh and republish the chart data on a scheduled basis to ensure that your team always has the latest information. With OrgPlus, the process of communicating organizational information becomes completely automated.

Integrating with MS Office

Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to publish and communicate charts, or open and edit OrgPlus-created files from within Microsoft Office applications. This means that employees and managers who do not have OrgPlus installed can use charts to meet their planning and republishing needs.

Planning for the Future

Use intuitive and powerful tools of OrgPlus to create one or more organizational scenarios. Set limits for headcount, total compensation or any other parameter and watch as your updates take effect. Compare different scenarios instantly, and when you are done, easily communicate your scenarios to your stakeholders.


5 Major Features

  • Connect to almost any live database. Import data from sources including LDAP, Active Directory, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, SQL Server, SAP HR-OCI, TXT and XLS.
  • Retrieve data from almost any HR system. Supported systems include Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson and others.
  • Insert links to other files that contain employee-related information, including budgets, employee resumes or mission statements.
  • Set up refresh schedules to distribute your published files automatically – daily, weekly, or monthly via email, FTP, or a shared network.
  • Calculate salaries, headcount roll-ups, averages, fractions of total, standard deviation and more.


Hence with Insperity OrgPlus suite of business solutions, all your pertinent workforce metrics and statistics are organized and stored in one intuitive central location that provides you with the answers you need instantly. Far more than a drawing tool, it’s the easiest way to chart and manage the structure of any organization.


  1. Creately

    Well explained. I’ve seen some post asking to forget about the organizational chart and move forward. But let me tell you balancing your organization is the most important things. That affects the KPI of personas as well. Thanks

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