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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 22, 2014

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Adobe's Basic Photo & Video Editing Software On Sale Now

Adobe’s Basic Photo & Video Editing Software On Sale Now

| On 21, Jul 2012

It’s summer time. Maybe you’re out traveling around, hitting up the beach, hanging out with friends and family, visiting the national parks and capturing tons of memories on camera. Or maybe you’re rafting Class IV rivers, shreddin’ the mountain bike trails, trekking through Machu Picchu, or working on your Kelly Slater skillz and getting barreled at Pipeline (hey, we can all dream right).  Or maybe you just stuck a GoPro to your head as you went out to the bar so the next day (for better or worse) you’d be able to recall all those cheesy pick-up lines you were using. Whatever it is that you’re doing this summer, don’t just let those photos and videos collect dust on your computer – do something with it!

From now until August 31st, we’ve teamed up with Adobe and are able to offer you great savings on these basic, yet powerful photo and video editing software programs. Buy Adobe Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements for only $69.99. Or purchase both together as the Elements Bundle for only $99.99 and start adding some pizazzz to your pictures and video. Come on, think of how much cooler that video you posted on Facebook would look if you cut out some of the boring stuff, added some music, and put in a little slow motion in there.

Offer ends, August 31st. Limit one per customer.

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