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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 26, 2014

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Top New Features

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – Top New Features

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing websites and mobile apps. Use fluid grid layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create pages. Review designs with Multiscreen Preview before publishing. Enhance your website development with these top new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.


Design for Popular Tablets and Smartphones

Use fluid grid layout and the Multiscreen Preview panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 software to simultaneously design for phones, tablets and computers. Extensive support for jQuery mobile and Adobe PhoneGap speeds up production time when building mobile apps.


jQuery mobile support

You can add advanced interactivity with jQuery code hinting. jQuery makes it simple to add interactivity to web pages. Get a jump start with starter templates for mobile phones.

PhoneGap support

Build and package native apps for Android and iOS with Adobe PhoneGap. Convert existing HTML to a mobile phone app within Dreamweaver using the PhoneGap framework. Test layouts with the provided emulator.

Updated Live View
Test pages before publishing using updated Live View functionality. Live View now uses the latest version of the WebKit rendering engine to provide the ultimate in HTML5 support.

Fluid grid layout

Create cross-platform and cross-browser compatible web designs using the CSS3 based fluid grid layout system. Work faster and more efficiently as you develop projects using clean, industry standard code for a wide range of devices and computers. Visually construct complex web designs and page layouts without getting buried in code.


Create Complex Projects Efficiently

Upload large files fast with accelerated FTP performance. Create free trial sites by integrating with the Adobe Business Catalyst e-commerce solution to build online businesses.


Adobe Business Catalyst integration

Use the integrated Business Catalyst panel in Dreamweaver to connect and edit sites you build with Adobe Business Catalyst. You can build e-commerce sites with the hosted solution.


Upload large files quickly with the reengineered FTP transfer tool. Save time transferring batches of associated files as you publish your projects.

Integrated CMS support

Author sites using CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Access related files with the dynamically related Files feature. Live View Navigation offers accurate previews of dynamic apps.

Extended Dreamweaver community

Learn and share with an extensive Dreamweaver community. Access the online Adobe Design Center and Adobe Developer Connection, training and seminars, developer certification programs, and user forums.

Support for leading technologies

Design and develop in an environment that supports most leading web development technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Adobe ColdFusion software and ASP.


Work on the Cutting Edge

Generate industry-standard HTML5 and CSS3, including CSS3 transitions, as you build compelling online experiences. Embed web fonts to add rich typography to your designs.


CSS3 transitions

Animate changes to CSS properties as transitions to bring web designs to life. Maintain greater control of web design as you finesse page elements and create captivating effects.

Simple site setup

Set up a site with ease using the retooled Dreamweaver Site Definition dialog box. Add multiple servers with custom names to utilize staged or networked sites or other site types.

PHP custom class code hinting

Build and maintain PHP applications and get direct insight into core functions, methods and objects with dynamic PHP code hinting.

Comprehensive CSS support

Design and develop websites with powerful CSS tools. Visually display the CSS box model in Dreamweaver and reduce the need to manually edit CSS code — even in external style sheets.

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