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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 3, 2016

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Top Features of Microsoft Visio 2010

Top Features of Microsoft Visio 2010

Microsoft Visio 2010 takes diagramming to a bold new level with dynamic, data driven visualization tools & templates, powerful process management features, and advanced sharing capabilities through the Web. Microsoft Visio 2010 is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Check out the top features of Microsoft Visio 2010.

Whether you are creating an organizational chart, a network diagram, or a business process, the new tools and more intuitive interface in Microsoft Visio 2010 make it easier to bring your diagrams to life. You can easily link your diagram to most popular data sources. With just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to SharePoint, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio.


Features & Benefits of Microsoft Visio 2010

Intuitive and professional diagramming tools

With a dramatically improved user experience and intelligent drawing tools and templates, Visio 2010 makes every step in creating diagrams easier. Jump-start diagramming with a diverse set of pre-drawn shapes, sample drawings, and templates for IT, business, process management, and more.

Data driven visuals

Gaining a clear and complete view of information often requires both a high level perspective and detailed data. Visio 2010 helps you see the entire picture by showing meaningful data and information graphically in a single diagram. You can effortlessly connect your diagrams to one or more data sources including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or any Object Linking and Embedding Database using the Data Selector and Automatic Link wizards.

Sharing interactive and data-linked diagrams

With Microsoft Visio 2010, sharing your dynamic, data-linked diagrams with others is easier than ever. Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring that people can always view the most current version of a diagram and its linked data. Create visually compelling dashboards that contain interactive Visio diagrams and other application services. Store, share, and reuse business process diagrams and sub-processes through Visio 2010 integration with SharePoint 2010 Process Repository.

Fluent user interface

The Visio 2010 user interface is redesigned and now uses the Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface (UI). Fluent UI is designed to make it easier for people to find and use the full range of features that Office applications provide, and to preserve an uncluttered workspace.

The Ribbon

The ribbon can optimize key Visio design scenarios to make them easier to use. The ribbon provides quicker access to all the commands in Visio 2010 and allows for easier future enhancements and customizations.

Backstage view

The Microsoft Office Backstage is part of the Fluent UI and a companion feature to the Ribbon. The Backstage view is used to manage files and the data about the files, such as creating and saving files, inspecting for hidden metadata or personal information, and setting file options.

ShapeSheet IntelliSense

ShapeSheet formulas in Visio are similar to the formulas in Excel and you can use them to program and recalculate the shapes. The IntelliSense feature does an automatic lookup and auto-complete for formulas. Some of the benefits of ShapeSheet IntelliSense include keyword lookup, keyword auto-complete, keyword definition pop-up, parenthesis matching and multi-line formula input for developers.


Hence Microsoft Visio 2010 advanced diagramming tools help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real time.

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