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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 30, 2016

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New Release: Techsmith Camtasia Studio 8 - Now Available

New Release: Techsmith Camtasia Studio 8 – Now Available

If you’ve ever tried to record your computer screen for a YouTube video, chances are you’ve heard of Camtasia Studio. TechSmith’s Camtasia has been a leader in screen capture software for almost 10 years. They have a brand new release: Camtasia 8, which is now available to buy at

Perhaps some of those reading this may not be too familiar with Camtasia, or would like to know a little more about this latest version of Camtasia Studio 8. Below are some of the new and improved features you can expect to fall in love with in Camtasia 8.



  • Capture an entire screen, window, PowerPoint presentation, and more
  • Record high-quality, HD videos
  • Import existing HD video, photos, music, and more to create


  • Cut, splice, and combine clips with Camtasia Studio’s powerful, yet easy-to-use video editor
  • Construct more creative and engaging videos, faster with multiple video and audio tracks
  • Add quizzes to videos and discover if viewers are watching and learning from the content


  • Easily share videos that viewers can watch anywhere, on nearly any device
  • Send straight to YouTube or
  • Share videos via email, tweet, blog post, and more


Camtasia is the perfect tutorial and PowerPoint presentation recorder and it works seamlessly with YouTube and other popular video upload sites. With Camtasia Studio 8 you can record and share training presentations, demonstrate software products and services, make customized video reports, company training videos, and more! As you can see, Camtasia Studio 8 is not only great for home use, but has the powerful tools needed for the corporate workplace as well. Don’t be left without this great video capture software and buy Camtasia Studio 8 today!

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