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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 3, 2016

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Microsoft Surface - Windows 8 Tablet Revealed!

Microsoft Surface – Windows 8 Tablet Revealed!

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled their upcoming line of tablets for Windows 8 this fall. The word surface will, no doubt, become synonymous with Microsoft’s new series of consumer tablets.

The Microsoft Surface tablets come in two flavors: Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. As tech die-hards know, Windows RT is the version of Windows 8 designed for ARM processors. Think of this as the traditional tablet as we know them: light-weight and portable, if somewhat restricted by a closed system and available apps. Windows RT will run software specifically for ARM architectures, made available via the Windows Store.

Surface for Windows 8 Pro bridges the gap between tablets and laptops. This tablet boasts a faster processor, more storage, and a full version of Windows 8 Professional. It will run all your native Windows programs, while still maintaining the low-profile of a tablet. Keep in mind, this added power will also dramatically increase the cost of the tablet. Don’t be expecting to pick one of these up for a mere $500. Microsoft is hoping Surface for Windows 8 Pro will become the go-to device for business and travel use. It is a tablet which allows the productivity of a laptop. As long as Microsoft can market this Surface not as an expensive tablet but rather a fully-functional laptop that looks and feels like a tablet, they should be able to pull it off. Just as Apple made tablet computers mainstream, Microsoft may just turn tablets into all-in-one productivity powerhouses. Find out more about the upcoming Microsoft Surface from Microsoft’s website.

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