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SoftwareMedia Blog | February 13, 2016

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Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2012 - Top Features

Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2012 – Top Features

Intuit software has a long history of cutting-edge accounting and business software. Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2012 is the world’s leading accounting software. QuickBooks Pro 2012 makes it easier to stay on top of invoices and bills, complete tasks in few steps, and customize QuickBooks to work the way you do.

Learn how to save more time with the new and improved features in QuickBooks Pro 2012.

Save the worksheet formatting when you export QuickBooks reports to Excel

Save formatting and save time. Now when you export your QuickBooks reports to Excel, refresh the saved worksheet and all your formats will be applied to the new report. QuickBooks remembers your Excel formats so you can work seamlessly.

Process and select when to run Memorized Transactions

Set up Memorized Transactions for recurring billing, invoices, and estimates. Review and process each transaction individually, and select which transactions to run now and which to run later. You can also set up bi-monthly processing.

See your invoices and other important tasks in a Calendar view

Quickly scan invoices, billing, past transactions and more items at a glance in the new Calendar. The improved “to-do” list captures more relevant information and displays it all in a calendar format.

Store documents in the Document Center

Get organized by attaching receipts, estimates, and other documents to invoices and customer files. Just drag & drop – this is a major advantage at tax time. Local storage is now included with your QuickBooks purchase.

Quickly locate any account, report, or invoice with QuickBooks Search

Your QuickBooks file is the repository of record for your business and finding the exact information you need is not always easy. With QuickBooks Search, all you need to do is enter the keyword, and it will pull up all the related reports, invoices, contacts and transaction details.

Track and follow up on sales leads in the new Lead Center

The new Lead Center makes it easy to keep track of your sales leads and import existing leads into QuickBooks. When your lead becomes a customer, you can move the contact information into the Customer Center with just one click.

Save time with Batched Time Sheets

Create and use the same time sheet for employees or vendors who worked the same hours.

Access report templates created by other QuickBooks users

QuickBooks Pro 2012 gives you access to contributed reports in your industry, created by other QuickBooks users. You can search by industry, user rating and popularity. Choose the template you like and QuickBooks will populate the report with your business data in one click.

Consolidated view of key customer information with the Customer Snapshot

Customer Snapshot gives you a consolidated view and you can assess at a glance your customer’s purchase history, average days to pay & outstanding balance and make timely decisions on customer requests. You can also identify your top customers by payment consistency and prioritize them accordingly.

Stay on top of your receivables with the Collections Center

Quickly identify overdue and almost due invoices, and email all collection notices from your Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account in a few steps.


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