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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 5, 2016

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Insperity Performance Now: Conduct Efficient Employee Performance Reviews

Insperity Performance Now: Conduct Efficient Employee Performance Reviews

When it comes to employee performance management, you should never go it alone. With Insperity performance management software, you receive a suite of easy-to-use and intuitive software solutions that help you conduct performance reviews, manage feedback processes, define job descriptions and receive guidance on interviewing.

If you’ve ever struggled with writing employee reviews or if you’ve put them off until the last possible minute and then stared at that blank page wondering how to begin, then Insperity Performance Now is just what you need. Performance Now is the only software tool with built-in intelligence to help you track, manage and evaluate performance quickly and easily.

Quickly and easily write effective performance reviews

A solid employee review is one of the strongest tools for managing personnel. Performance Now makes it easy to write complete and concise employee reviews that provide the type of feedback your employees need to succeed. Simply choose from a list of elements, rate the employee’s performance on a high-to-low scale, and watch Performance Now’s technology compose clear, concise, supporting text that translates your observations into meaningful words. Performance Now is fast, easy and, most of all, effective.

As you evaluate an employee’s performance on a high-to-low scale, Performance Now generates clear, concise text to support your observations. Just edit and add examples.

Help your employees succeed with coaching ideas from HR professionals. Choose from a list of reliable tips for improving performance, and use these as a basis for writing an effective development plan with your employee.

Sections for current and future goals help you set specific goals that support your company’s objectives. Performance Now helps you track and measure those goals, keeping your employees focused and more productive.

Employee Log helps you record specific examples of employee performance throughout the review period. Simply paste entries into the final review to provide documentation for supporting evaluations.

Performance Now coaches you through each review, providing HR and management guidance. Performance Now puts you in the driver’s seat of the review process – you can set, track and measure goals and objectives, set reminders for upcoming reviews, performance milestones and due dates, and get expert advice on handling performance problems.

Key Benefits

  • View a summary of events for each employee’s performance history.
  • Language checker reviews your edits for inappropriate words and phrases.
  • Rate performance on a high/low scale, and watch Performance Now generate clear, effective supporting text.
  • You can set reminders for upcoming reviews and milestones.
  • Automatic advice feature alerts you to provide concrete examples to support high or low ratings or ratings that seem to conflict.
  • Get expert advice and coaching ideas.

Flexible enough to adapt to your present review system, Performance Now helps you become a better manager and get the best from your employees. By setting goals, tracking performance year-round and getting human resources advice and coaching tips, you can easily move from monitoring performance to improving performance.

Buy Performance Now 4 to achieve your performance management goals.

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