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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 29, 2016

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Corel Transactional Licensing (CTL)

Corel Transactional Licensing (CTL)

| On 31, May 2012

Corel Transactional Licensing offers organizations discount pricing on Corel products. With Corel CTL, the more you buy, the more you save. Discount pricing applies to new and upgrade licenses, as well as optional Maintenance Plans.


  • Lower software costs
  • Brings the benefits of licensing to the smaller volume orders
  • Provides those with larger orders, a larger discount rate
  • Maintenance option ensures that you have the latest technology

Discount Levels

Discount Levels are determined based on the number of licenses for that specific program. The more licenses you purchase, the more you save, since the price per license decreases as you enter a higher bracket.

# of LicensesBand Level
1 - 10Save $
11 - 25Save $$
26 - 60Save $$$
61 - 120Save $$$$
121 - 250Save $$$$$

Maintenance Program

Corel’s Maintenance Program entitles you to all upgrades for your covered products during your term of two years. If you choose to purchase this additional option, you can rest assured that your software will be the latest version, supported, convenient, and up to date. It ensures that your employees have the latest technology to maximize their productivity in a rather inexpensive way.

Receive one Premium support incident for every 20 Maintenance licenses purchased. Premium support includes a toll-free number to call for assistance and a Support Account Manager designated to work with you on any incidents. Additional Premium support incidents can be purchased as needed.


You are required to purchase at least one media for each product line you’re purchasing. Media is the program itself, usually on CD or DVD-ROM or as a download. Media is inexpensive (many programs are around $25) so it is recommended to buy 2 so you have one as a backup.

Corel CTL Example

You own a small business with 15 employees. All of the employees need WordPerfect Office Professional. Five of the employees need CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. You decide to buy the Upgrade Plan Maintenance for CorelDRAW. You purchase two media for each of the programs so you can have one as a backup.

15WordPerfect Office Professional Licenses
2WordPerfect Office Professional - Media
5CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Licenses
5CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Upgrade Plan
2CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Media

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