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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 21, 2014

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Adobe CS6 - Release Date & New Features

Adobe CS6 – Release Date & New Features


Everyone is itching for any information they can get on the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 6 release which is slated for sometime in the first half of this year. The internet is filled to the brim (does the internet have a brim?) with rumors about the new features in Creative Suite 6 and supposedly “leaked” documents that show various aesthetic and functional enhancements such as the new, more Lightroom-esque Photoshop interface.

Well we have scoured the collective hive-mind (otherwise known as Google) searching for any shreds of information that we could bring to you about CS6, and here is what we found…

The CS6 release date will come in the “first half of 2012″

The Adobe CS release schedule is based on a 24-month timeline, with a half-version being released every year. So far, the Adobe release dates have been fairly consistent, and if the release schedules for CS 5 (April 2010) and CS 5.5 (May 2011) are any indication, I’m fairly confident that we can expect the official Adobe CS6 release date to come sometime in May or June. Though that is merely an educated guess on my part.

Video Editing

Of course, as a video editor, I am sort of biased, so I am going to jump right into my favorite Creative Suite app, Premiere Pro (eat your heart out, Final Cut). I for one cannot wait to upgrade my Production Premium to CS6, if only for the new “video mesh” feature previewed at Adobe Max 2011. With this new tool, after adding some roto-scoping and meshes to the video footage, an editor can “look around” inside the video in 3D. That gives a whole new meaning to “we can just fix it in post-.”

Video Mesh (After Effects)


Auto Sync of Crowd Videos (Premiere Pro)


RubbaDub (Premiere Pro)

Graphics & Web

With CS5, we saw a huge jump in technology that attempted to more fully utilize the powerful graphics processors (video cards) that newer computers are being built with. With CS6, it seems that Adobe will be making even more efficient use of computer hardware, enabling the software to use the GPU to lighten the load of the computer’s main processor. Add to this a bunch of feature enhancements and (as stated above) the new, sleek layout for Photoshop, we’re excited to see what CS6 is capable of.


Image Deblurring (Photoshop)


Liquid Layout (InDesign)



GPU Parallelism (Flash Pro)


Reverse Debugging (Flash Builder)


Monocle (Flash)


This is -obviously- far from a complete list, but it’s more than enough to get us excited for the official Adobe CS6 release date which, we hope, will come soon.

If any new release information or news about CS6 should reach our collective ears, we will promptly post an update to this article, so keep checking back!

Did we miss anything? Is there anything we left out? Leave a comment and give us your thoughts!


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