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SoftwareMedia Blog | February 6, 2016

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Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Review

Many organizations are constantly looking to address their business needs with flexible and scalable applications. In most cases, the time and resources necessary to build those applications are not always available.

Here’s the solution: Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 has the potential to meet these business needs.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is a flexible development tool that helps developers to rapidly develop polished and fantastic business applications for the desktop as well as the Cloud.

With an intuitive development environment, timesaving tools and templates, Visual Studio LightSwitch helps speed the development process. It also reduces the complexity from user-interface design to Windows Azure cloud deployment. LightSwitch is essential in the development of affordable, scalable custom software solutions that connect with existing applications, legacy systems and web services. It automatically handles the routine code and lets you focus on developing the custom logic that makes your application unique. It facilitates comprehensive and user friendly views of your business data.

Key Features of LightSwitch 2011

  • LightSwitch 2011 supports exporting data to Microsoft Office Excel for easy reporting.
  • The asynchronous data loading routines help in building load-responsive applications.
  • The built-in authentication models provide all the users with varying degrees of authorization and accessibility.
  • Automatic generation of administration console.
  • A simple and innate way of setting user roles and permissions.
  • The pre-built components and templates of LightSwitch 2011 are absolutely extensible.
  • LightSwitch 2011 ships with a set of Application Shells that gives a feel of popular Microsoft software.
  • It consists of predefined data types for commonly used fields like email addresses and phone numbers.

Major Benefits

  • You can easily enhance the functionality of LightSwitch application by adding extensions from third party vendors.
  • It is very easy to collect, analyze and reuse the content from various sources such as Microsoft SQL Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle and other databases.
  • As LightSwitch 2011 handles the code, you can create user friendly business applications.
  • It helps in building the applications with built-in paging, filtering and sorting capabilities. This makes it easier in handling huge amounts of data.
  • The development environment simplifies all the phases of the development by providing assistance as and when required.
  • You can create custom business logic and rules that are unique to a particular business and the users.
  • You can change the behavior and appearance of an application by just changing one setting of shell and theme extensions.
  • With LightSwitch 2011, you can build applications that can be deployed to desktop clients, browser clients or through the Cloud. You can choose the deployment method according to your requirements.

As you create a new LightSwitch project, the only decision you need to make is whether to use Visual C# or Visual Basic. The projects are logically 3-tier applications and follow n-tier best practices. They also utilize Entity Framework and RIA services.

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Article Contributor: Satish Kumar

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