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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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Top 10 Software Every Successful Business Should Have

Top 10 Software Every Successful Business Should Have

As any business owner will attest, their number one goal for starting their business was because they had an idea, product, or service to provide the consumer and make a profit from. However, finding success isn’t as easy at slapping a label on “Widget X” and watching the orders come in. The top companies worldwide take advantage of the best business software. These programs help businesses with everything from data security and stability, employee management, productivity, account organization, and much more.

If you’re part of a new business, or even an established one that could use a little boost to your bottom line, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 software every successful business should have to give you the inside scoop on what helps make the greatest companies run smoothly and efficiently.

Office Suite
Microsoft Office

The standing go-to office suite, Microsoft Office has been giving both businesses and home users alike a powerful, yet easy-to-use professional software suite for over 20 years. With industry-standards word processing, creating spreadsheets, and email management, Microsoft Office is a must-have for day-to-day office tasks.

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Database Management
Microsoft SQL Server

With orders to fill, customers to please, and products to create, you’re too busy to worry about what’s going on behind the scenes with your data. Microsoft SQL Server has proven itself time and again to help reduce costs while driving company efficiency. If you need enterprise data management, SQL Server is the way to go.

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VMware vSphere

Every employee needs a workstation to perform their duties. As companies add employees, the costs for such hardware starts to eat into profits—not to mention the added IT needed to make sure each system runs properly. Virtualization is the answer to these increasing costs. VMware vSphere provides a cost-effective virtualization system which is highly scalable based on the size of your company.

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Endpoint Security
Symantec Endpoint Protection

Businesses have to constantly be on guard from viruses and malicious attacks from all sides. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides fast and powerful endpoint antivirus protection for both physical and virtual systems. Reduce your security administrative overhead and lower costs while receiving industry-leading protection.

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Contact Management
Exchange Server

Emails, contacts, calendars…keeping it all organized is no easy task. Microsoft Exchange Server brings all these under the managed control of a single program on your workstation. Exchange Server also supports mobile and web-based access to your info and storage, so you can access that important email or client phone number when you’re not at your desk.

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Windows 7 Professional

No office workstation is complete without a reliable operating system. Microsoft Windows has time and again proven itself to be the leading operating system for businesses worldwide. Windows 7 Professional builds upon the modern GUI of Vista, while having a much more secure–and stable–infrastructure. Many die-hard Windows XP users have come to realize the numerous benefits of making the switch to Windows 7, have you?

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Server O/S
Windows Server

Just as important as your workstation operating system (perhaps even more-so if you ask an IT department) is your server operating system. Microsoft Windows Server is designed to power networks, applications and web services. It provides a highly secure network infrastructure and helps increase technological efficiency.

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Project Management
Microsoft Project

Large clients call for large projects. Microsoft Office Project makes sure you stay on top of your progress, schedules, and finances. Microsoft Project also integrates with other Office programs to further enhance planning, collaboration and resource management.

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The undeniable champion of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Salesforce has helped over 100,000 customers achieve greater success with their first-class cloud platform. Not every company has the resources to go with Salesforce. For smaller companies with more modest budgets, a great alternative is Sage ACT! business management software.

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Intuit QuickBooks

When it comes to accounting and business finances, the last thing a company wants is to be disorganized. Intuit created Quickbooks as an all-in-one business accounting software solution for companies of all types and sizes. Keep detailed expenditure and revenue records, create invoices, or manage customer, vendor, and employee data. Plus, with Quickbooks, you can run tax reports with only a few clicks and see the details behind the numbers.

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There you have it. The top ten software every successful business should have. We hope you find this information useful and with it, find increased success with your business ventures. If you want even more ideas on great business productivity software, be sure to check out SoftwareMedia’s Business & Productivity software category. There you will find the above products as well as other useful applications like HR Management, Voice Recognition, PDF & Document Sharing, and many more!

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