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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 5, 2016

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Microsoft Open Licensing Guides

Microsoft Open Licensing Guides

Software licensing can get confusing, which is why we compiled these Microsoft licensing guides to help you better understand the different programs and terms. SoftwareMedia offers Microsoft licenses through any of the following programs. If you need help deciding which program is right for you, check out our video on the Differences Between Microsoft Licensing Programs or contact us at 1-800-474-1045 x3

Microsoft Open Business

Learn more about the most popular licensing option through Microsoft Open Licensing. Learn about Software Assurance, the 5 license minimum requirement, how to obtain media, examples of how to buy, and more.

Visit Open Business Licensing Guide.

Microsoft Open Value

Learn about perpertual licensing with a minimum of just five licenses. Also learn about benefits, including Software Assurance, training, support, and flexible payment plans.

Visit Open Value Licensing Guide

Microsoft Open Volume

Learn about product pools, points, and the other vital information you’ll need to understand in order to purchase large orders through Open Volume Licensing. Also learn about media, Software Assurance, and see examples on how to buy through Open Volume.

Visit Open Volume Licensing Guide

Open Government

Learn about the Open government Program and how Government skus are actually available through either Open Business, Open Value, or Open Volume.

Visit Open Government Licensing Guide

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