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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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How VMware Can Help Your Business

How VMware Can Help Your Business

In the most general sense, VMware is a computer and server operating system that allows you to host other operating systems simultaneously. VMware allows these secondary operating systems to behave as if they were installed on their own computer with their own set of programs and hardware.

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In this way, VMware software simplifies IT functions and help companies respond faster to the continuously changing demands of business. By implementing virtual servers and improving the productivity of IT staff, organizations using VMware software use their servers more efficiently and cost effectively. In addition to the (sometimes immense) space-saving factor, you also cut back on energy and the use of natural resources.

Eliminate server proliferation

Are you struggling to accommodate for the infrastructure requirements and costs associated with all your servers and software? VMware can help your business by letting you run multiple workloads and applications on fewer servers, resulting in dramatic cost and space savings. By dividing a server up into many virtual servers, or partitions, each becomes completely isolated from another with the ability to run entirely separate applications

Improve Business Continuity

Businesses experience significant service interruptions every year, resulting in lost revenue as well as lost data. You never know when a power failure or natural disaster is going to happen. Being able to recover quickly with the least amount of damage is vital. Automate the recovery process with VMware so it becomes an integrated part of your virtual infrastructure management. VMware Site Recovery Manager eliminates error-prone manual steps and removes the risk and worry from disaster recovery. And with products like VMware VMotion, you’ll be able to migrate your virtual machines to another server with zero downtime

Streamline Development

By pooling together and sharing resources across development and test teams, VMware Lab Manager helps your business accomplish significant cost savings and operational benefits. Reduce server-to-staff ratios by over 75%* and dramatically reduce operating expenditures so you can focus your IT staff on higher value activities. Give your developers and testers the resources they need to find and fix bugs earlier before applications are rolled out. VMware Lab Manager makes it easy for developers and testers to create complex test environments using templates that can be created in seconds, rather than days!

Simplify IT Management of Remote Offices

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, remote users are provided access to virtual desktop machines that are hosted in a central data center providing remote and branch offices with desktop business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. Not only does this improve manageability, security, and productivity, but it also reduces business risks and cuts down maintenance costs.

SoftwareMedia is a certified VMware Professional Partner and software re-seller, offering VMware software at discount prices. To find out how much VMware can help your business, fill out this VMware form and we’ll provide you with a free Total Cost of Ownership report as well as a phone consultation. Visit our VMware Software page for more information


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