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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 28, 2014

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Adobe CS Web Premium Comparison

Adobe CS Web Premium Comparison

Buying Guide

Adobe Web Premium can be likened to bionic arms; sure, you can carry good-sized rocks without them, but can you hurl bulldozers over houses with a flick of the wrist? Why would you settle for tools which don’t allow for your fullest capacity? Adobe CS5.5 Web Premium further enhances your bionic abilities with advanced HTML5 support. Oh, and now you can utilize multiple monitors without breaking a sweat. This Adobe CS Web Premium comparison guide goes in-depth with all the exciting features found in the most recent versions of Web Premium. Upgrade or buy your first copy today!

Adobe CS Web Premium Comparison



Efficient desktop and mobile workflows
Integration with Adobe BrowserLab
Creative Suite integration
Easy 3D extrusions with Adobe Repousse
Crisp graphics for web and mobile devices
Approachable interaction design
Advanced text support
CSS inspection
Integrated CMS support
XML-bassed FLA source files
Enhanced ActionScript editors
Multiscreen Preview Panel
Robust jQuery Mobile support
Expanded platform and device support
Efficient workflows for multiple screens
Powerful mobile application development
Full designer-developer workflow
Support for Flash Player 10.2
HTML5 emulation and debugging
Enhanced creative freedom on the go
Enhanced code snippets handling

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