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SoftwareMedia Blog | October 24, 2014

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Adobe CS Design Premium Comparison

Adobe CS Design Premium Comparison

Buying Guide

Adobe Design Premium is like the bottomless magician’s hat with a seemingly endless supply of tools and features for the professional graphic artist or photographer. Create vector files with ease with Illustrator CS5.5 or add a washed contrast effect to that photo-shoot to give it fresh look. This Adobe CS Design Premium comparison guide shows the various features found in the most recent versions, so you can better decide to upgrade to a newer version or pick out your first copy.

Adobe CS Design Comparison



Content-Aware Scaling in Photoshop
Blob Brush in Illustrator
Multiple artboards in a single Illustrator file
Gradients exposed in Illustrator
Multiple page sizes in one InDesign file
Live Preflight in InDesign
Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver
Live View in Dreamweaver Check Mark
Multi-file place in InDesign
InDesign export to Flash Professional Check Mark
Improved preflight in Acrobat Pro
Easy-to-do animation in Flash Professional
3D transformation in Flash Professional
Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop
Puppet Warp in Photoshop
64-bit performance with Photoshop
Complex image selection made easy
Easy 3D extrusion in Photoshop Extended
Beautiful strokes in Illustrator
Perspective drawing in Illustrator
Simplified InDesign object selection and editing
Gap tool in InDesign
Paragraphs that span or split columns
World-class websites and applications
Path join enhancements in Illustrator
Superior onscreen type in Flash Professional
Code hinting for HTML 5 and CSS3
Multiscreen Preview in Dreamweaver
Folio Producer tools in InDesign
Enhanced eBook authoring in InDesign
Action Wizard in Acrobat Pro
Interaction design without writing code
Enhanced creative freedom on the go
More efficient delivery of accessible documents
Reach on more platforms and devices

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