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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 3, 2016

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Windows 8 Release Inches Closer

Windows 8 Release Inches Closer

Last week Microsoft introduced Windows 8 to the public via a developer preview build . Featuring the new Metro UI, Windows 8 definitely embraces touch technology. Despite the generally glowing reviews available all over the internet (especially for a pre-beta build), people want more. The question on everyone’s lips is, “When is the Windows 8 release date?”

As of right now, anyone saying they know when Windows 8 will be released is simply lying. Microsoft is tight-lipped on anything solid—afterall, the anticipated operating system still has far to go to solidify its features—but there are scraps of information which have fallen to the floor from the Microsoft table. Whether obvious or not, Steve Ballmer announced in May Microsoft is planning on a 2012 release. That would put the Windows 8 release about three years after Windows 7 debuted (wow, has it been almost three years already?!).

The Windows 8 developer preview is the first of many steps to come as Microsoft readies for this monumental release. It’ll mark the start of a full operating system being available not only on desktop computers but also on tablets. The buzz over Windows 8 is sure to increase as people try out Windows 8 first-hand.

My Windows 8 Release Prediction

My guess is the Windows 8 beta will be released late winter/early spring of 2012, say March or April. Microsoft will want to make sure the highlight features are ready as this will be around the same time Apple no doubt releases the iPad 3. I won’t go into what Apple plans for the iPad 3 in this article, but Windows 8 as a fully functional operating system will pose a threat needing to be addressed.

Microsoft will hope the Windows 8 beta and ensuing buzz is able to pull at least some of the attention away from Apple and keep the momentum going, leading into an Autumn 2012 retail release (just in time for the holidays).


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