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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 28, 2014

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Chroma Key Tutorial

| On 20, Apr 2011

Chroma keying (using a green screen to superimpose an actor onto a background) is one of the most often used and -at one time- difficult digital effects to execute well. Achieving a professional-quality key used to require countless hours of tedious, detail-intensive work. Now, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has an awesome tool called the Ultra Keyer which makes chroma keying easier and faster than ever. In fact, it sort of makes me wish that I didn’t spend $60,000 for 4 years of film school and just shelled out a few hundred bucks for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and a video tutorial program like Total Training for Premiere Pro. At any rate, I have put together an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video to help you learn how to chroma key, and begin your journey on the path to becoming a special effects Jedi… er editor.

Whether you think the old-school Muppets still look better than Jar-Jar, digital effects and computer generated imaging have become a staple in the modern film industry and the fact remains that computer imaging and effects are here to stay. However, despite the sad reality of the decline of Hensonesque animatronics and puppetry (Disney Corp. actually bought out the Jim Henson Creature Shop), there still exists a rich and interesting world of cinematic opportunity to explore, and digital effects are not nearly as difficult as many would have you believe.


  1. Anonymous

    adobe software of any kind has been the leading and most user-friendly, at least for me, nowadays. thank you for bringing up this adobe premier pro CS5!

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