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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 6, 2016

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Microsoft Office on Mac App Store?

Microsoft Office on Mac App Store?

| On 01, Feb 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011 are in full-swing. In addition to the traditional retail boxes found at your local brick and mortar or online discount software retailer, Microsoft is weighing its options with other venues. Senior director Jason Bunge commented on the future of Microsoft Office: “You can absolutely expect Office to expand its presence across other platforms.” The question many consumers are asking is, “does that mean Microsoft Office on the Apple App Store?

The Mac App Store tallied over one million downloads on launch day, and it has only exploded since then—with over 10 billion (yes, with a b) in under three weeks. With such popularity, it would make sense for Microsoft to add Office on the Mac App Store. However, keep in mind Apple takes a 30% cut from all Mac App Store sales. It might not be so easy for Microsoft to give their competitor almost 1/3 of the Office 2011 app sales.

Despite this tough pill to swallow, Microsoft will most likely negotiate some sort of deal. After all, Office for Mac has been very popular in recent years. Also worth noting is now customers can buy individual Office for Mac 2011 applications. For example, buy Word for Mac 2011 without springing for the entire suite (an approach Apple has taken with iWork Pages and other apps on the Mac App Store). Could this be Microsoft priming itself for a move to put Office 2011 on the Mac App Store in order to compete more effectively with Apple iWork? Perhaps. If the customers demand it, Microsoft, like most companies, will oblige.

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