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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 24, 2014

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Quick List: 5 Free Adobe After Effects Plug Ins

Quick List: 5 Free Adobe After Effects Plug Ins

| On 29, Dec 2010

One of the most difficult applications to use in the Adobe Creative Suite is After Effects. Motion graphics has always been one of the more difficult skills to learn. Here are a few free downloadables to help smooth out the steep learning curve for motion graphics!

1. Quaker

Instead of using “wiggle”, or even manually animating your footage, why not use the earthquake effect filter from This filter automatically gives you an authentic feel for a camera shake that mimics an earthquake! Tone down a bit, and you get a camera shake that can be used for different purposes (i.e falling down the stairs, someone tripping, or even a roller coaster ride).

2. Star Titler

This plugin was meant for all of the Star Wars fans out there. While it may be quite a novelty, it is still useful and comedic to see the trademark for every Star Wars opening sequence in your motion graphic. Recreate the look of the opening titles first used by the Star Wars movie in 1977, complete with depth blurring, with Star Titler 2.0.1 from FxFactory.

3. AE Flame

Use the AE Flame plug in for After Effects to create and animate cosmic recursive flame fractals. As Victoria Nece describes, AE Flame seems intimidating at first, but once you learn the basics, the plugin allows for an endless array of possibilities for creating abstract wallpaper and more.

4. Omino Suite

The Omino Suite is a collection of tools, some time saving and some novelty. Features include colorizing, color-matching, simulating bad tv signals and reconstructing your image into little squares. Other features include creating distant star fields and a retro halftone effect. Download the free Omino Plug Ins for AE to get started.

5. Unmult and eLin

It would be hard to have a post about After Effects plug ins without mentioning Red Giant Software. They have a wide array of plugins, although not all of them are free. A simple and useful utility is Knoll Unmult, which knowcks out the black on solids with lens flares on them. There is also eLin, which simulates real world motion blur and lighting when compositing 3d elements.

Of course there are a lot of other really useful plugins for After Effects that aren’t exactly free, but we feel these are the best 5 free Adobe After Effects plug ins. Get them now for After Effects CS5 and enjoy the results of minimal effort!

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