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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 29, 2016

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Primavera SureTrak to be Discontinued

Primavera SureTrak to be Discontinued

| On 16, Nov 2010

We knew this day would come. Ever since Oracle’s acquisition of Primavera back in 2008, the future of Primavera’s products has been a topic for forums and blogs. As of December 31, 2010, Oracle will no longer sell Primavera SureTrak and P3. However, the good news is subscribers of the Applications Unlimited program will continue to receive lifetime support for the programs.

Un-SureTrak for the Future

So, with SureTrak going away, what is going to take its place? Well, there are several options for you to choose from. First, Oracle is hoping this will get users of SureTrak to make the jump to Primavera P6—an advanced project management application. This is great for those ready for the added functionality P6 offers, however, it is a much more in-depth program, and will require a somewhat steep learning curve for those inexperienced with the system.


There are also several of Oracle’s competitors who see this as an attack of opportunity and perhaps establish their own product as the successor to SureTrak. The first is Microsoft Project, and really needs no introduction. It is your standard project manager, maintaining a nice balance of cost versus features. Another option, one you may not be aware of, is AEC FastTrack Schedule. One of the best benefits with FastTrack is the fact that they are a smaller company and, as such, they focus on improving on features the Big Guys may not deem “cost-effective.” This often times makes these programs superior and priced very aggressively.


Oracle of Delphi or Crazy Cat-Lady?

I don’t know if scrubbing Oracle’s entry-level project manager app is a smart business move on their part. Maybe their market trends show them succeeding as an advanced-user provider, and just leaving the competition to fight over the entry-level crumbs. One thing I do know is companies like AEC are probably throwing a party right now, knowing that they’re sure to sell a few more licenses than anticipated next year.


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