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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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7 For 7: 7 Useful Gadgets for Windows 7

7 For 7: 7 Useful Gadgets for Windows 7
  • On August 9, 2010

Next up in our 7 for 7 seriesĀ  is a spotlight on some really useful Desktop Gadgets that you can download free for Windows 7. If you are not too familiar with Desktop Gadgets, they are basically widgets, or small programs that run in the background that you can keep on your desktop. I use a variety of gadgets to monitor information, get updates from social networks, and keep up to date on news. Below are 7 gadgets I found that I can see being very useful.

Weather Underground

Download Weather Underground Gadget – Weather Underground is my pick out of all the weather widgets. First of all, it is nice and small on my screen, I can glance at it quick, and check out the weather for the next 3 days, and find out the current conditions. Also included on this small window is any weather alerts in your area, which is also great. You can expand the window, and have access to more in depth conditions, a radar, and even webcams for your area.

Password Vault

Download Password Vault Gadget – Here is hands down my favorite gadget. Password Vault! This is a great tool for keeping all your password’s organized. If you have a few different passwords for Various reasons, then this is a great tool for you. Easily access your passwords when you need them with this time saving gadget.

Atom / RSS News Feed Reader

Download Atom / RSS News Feed Gadget - This is one of the best RSS Feed Gadgets I have found, it updates very quickly, while also keeping a low profile. Keep on top of all your news by setting up this gadget to pull news from your favorite sources. You can even set this gadget to give you a notification when there is something new, so you never miss a beat.


Download Pandora Gadget – Chances are you already know what Pandora is, But if you don’t Pandora is a site where you can create a custom streaming radio station based on Music you already like. With the gadget you don’t even need to load to listen. Just launch the gadget and jam out all day long.

Earth Phase

Download Earth Phase Gadget – No windows in your office? Stay on top of the day with this cool gadget. It shows you in real time what planet earth is looking like. With the Earth Phase gadget you get a 3D model of the current earth phase.

Twitter Explorer

Download Twitter Explorer Gadget – Check out this gadget if you are a Twitter User. Right now there are a lack of gadgets for us Tweeters out there but this one does a pretty good job of getting you what you need. Send Tweets, and follow your friends all on this great little gadget.


Download SideTris Gadget – It’s always nice to take a little break and play a game for a few minutes while you are working. With SideTris you don’t even have to open a new window check out this gadget so you can play a little bit of Tetris while you get through the workday.


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