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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 2, 2016

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A Visual Studio 2010 Edition Comparison for the Multiple-Edition Afflicted

A Visual Studio 2010 Edition Comparison for the Multiple-Edition Afflicted

Multiple-Edition Distinction for User to Specificate Affliction, or MEDUSA as it’s often referred (at least, at my desk anyway), is a serious affliction affecting many software users across the globe. With software companies throwing ambiguous words like Premium, Ultimate, Master, Basic, Starter, and Professional into their titles, we consumers have absolutely no idea what the difference between these versions actually is, other than syllable count.

One such software titan doing just that is Microsoft with their Visual Studio 2010. In an effort to help simplify choosing among the various editions, Microsoft re-vamped their past system of names and slapped a bunch of new name labels on their Visual Studio product-line. These new names reflect those common with its recent operating systems, Vista and Windows 7. While this is great for first-timers, many of us have gone through the “physical therapy” of learning what the old titles mean. So, is Visual Studio 2008 Professional the same as Visual Studio 2010 Professional? Or is it more like Premium? What about Ultimate? Looks like a new prescription is in order.

The good news is we’ve already got your dose: may I introduce our Visual Studio 2010 Edition Comparison chart. Just follow the link, check out the bulleted feature list, and get in the know. This sweet guide goes in-depth with the four main options of VS 2010 to help you figure out which one(s) carries the tools you need. It may not answer the 2008 to 2010 upgrade question perfectly, but you’ll easily be able to decipher the features found in each new version. From there you can decide on how ultimate or premium or whatever you want to be.


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