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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 30, 2016

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The Socialization of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Other Social Media at Work

A couple of eye-brow raising stats came out recently. The Society for New Communications Research released a study regarding journalists and their use of social media. It’s no shock that the study revealed the “use of social media tools by journalists is surging, growing in double-digit percentages in some cases.” But, as ZDNet points out… there’s interesting insight to how many of the 341 journalists surveyed are not taking advantage of social media sites.

  • Over 50% of journalists do not watch videos online
  • Approximately one-third of the journalists surveyed do not read blogs
  • 75% don’t listen to podcasts
  • More than half of the journalists do not use Twitter or other microblogging sites and tools
  • Nearly one-third of these journalists don’t use social networking sites

But hey, 91% of journalists surveyed agree that new media is enhancing journalism. I wouldn’t be able to get away with not using social media and blogs at work. Then again, I wonder what percentage of these journalists are online journalists… hmm…

Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project stirred a few stats up for a Reuter’s article. According to the survey, 56% of Americans believe it’s “irresponsible” to be Facebook friends with your boss. More so, 62% of those surveyed said it’s wrong befriend an employee. Other intriguing highlights:

  • 52% believe it’s appropriate for companies to review the social media profiles of job candidates
  • 73% don’t think it’s appropriate to update your Facebook status while at work; 72% say you shouldn’t tweet at work
  • More than 40% of parents believe you shouldn’t post photos of children online
  • Although just under 70% of parents are friends with their kids on Facebook or MySpace, 31% of them monitor their children’s Facebook accounts
  • 72% of parents limit the time their kids spend on social media networks
  • More than 80% of parents say teachers shouldn’t interact with students online

Do SND readers agree with the lot above? These findings come as sort of a surprise to me, I’ll admit. Not too long ago, I befriended my 8th grade teacher after my friend told me she was online. And I’m definitely friends with past employers… Okay, so maybe it’s different since 8th grade was a long time ago. And perhaps it depends on the relationship you’ve developed with an employer. For me, Facebook is a networking and contact tool where I’m usually eager to befriend employers and co-workers. Does that mean the cheese stands alone? Uh, I mean, do I stand alone on this? Share your thoughts!

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