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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 6, 2016

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Backup Software Showdown: CA ARCserve vs. Symantec Backup Exec


At a lost for which backup software to use? CA’s ARCserve Backup and Symantec’s Backup Exec have been top contenders when it comes to company backup software. But, according to an independent study conducted by Productive Corp., ARCserve “clearly” surpasses Backup Exec’s features and technology.

The two products were compared in “9 categories to help you uncover the right solution for your data backup needs.” Productive points out that although “these two data backup and storage products are relatively similar in function,” the differences in features are made evident in the product comparison. These features include the nine categories: “ease of install,” “ease of use,” “scalability,” “performance,” “cost,” “data security,” “supported systems,” “customer service,” and “extra value.” The review also concludes ARCserve being a better return on investment product.

Here are a few more bullet points from the comparison:

  • ARCserve uses click based administration — simple and able to handle more complex processes
  • ARCserve lacks the how-to’s and overviews included in Backup Exec but provides greater flexibility and ease
  • Overall, “the scalability for small to mid-sized companies, Symantec’s Backup Exec and CA’s ARCserve solutions, are on even footing.”
  • “Data security is even between the two products,” overall. However, the two have different features that can be used for data recovery.

Not too long ago, Network Testing Labs also conducted a study proving ARCserve a better choice than Symantec’s Backup Exec. ARCserve “easily beat Symantec Backup Exec” in the head-to-head comparative testing. Network Testing Labs found ARCserve proved to backup data faster and more reliably. It also gave more control over data, was easier to install, offered more features and was far less expensive, according to the Barry Nance at Network Testing Labs. The testing lab bestowed ARCserve with a “World Class Award” for best data protection and best application uptime.

Convinced? Head over to and browse CA’s ARCserve products. We offer a low price guarantee on software licensing products! Need more information? Contact one of our sales specialists and they can help you pick out the products best suited for your needs.


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