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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 30, 2016

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Corel Painter 11 Tutorial - Angelina Jolie Portrait

Corel Painter 11 Tutorial – Angelina Jolie Portrait

Update: Corel Painter 12 is on sale at for only $219!

Today I decided to go a step further than my last Painter 11 beginner tutorial by attempting to paint a portrait of Angelina Jolie. I used brush techniques found on the Corel Painter 11 tutorial page to quickly and easily create a realistic oil paint rendition of a photograph.

The tutorial video below will walk you through this process, step by step, so you can learn the fundamental techniques involved with portrait painting. This tutorial relies on the clone coloring technique to simplify the painting process. Clone coloring uses a base photograph to gather color information for the canvas. It is a unique process that is inherently flawed to give your art that realistic, hand-painted look.

Using cloned brushes makes painting much easier, but it still requires time and a skilled hand. All of the brush strokes are your own, and the final portrait will be uniquely yours. This process also teaches new artists the basics of color and visualizing color placement on the canvas. Hopefully after a few cloned portraits you will develop the skills to try painting on your own.

Check out my YouTube tutorial of how to create a great looking portrait of Angelina Jolie in just a few minutes.

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