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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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Discount Software

Discount Software

| On 03, Mar 2009

Save Money With

Many people (yes, even you) are still paying more than they should for software. They don’t often realize when they are eligible to buy the exact same software for almost half the price. Stop spending more money than necessary on software! In this article we explain how buying OEM software, upgrades, licensing, and more can save you money.

Purchasing OEM Software
One option for buying discount software is purchasing OEM software which is the exact same software at a lower price tag. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) software includes only the disc, the Certificate of Authenticity, and the product key codes. Because OEM software does not come with the box or a comprehensive manual, it is recommended for those more technically inclined. However, some OEM software may have a manual on the disk, and often manuals can be found at the manufacturer’s site. While the retail versions may come with manufacturer support, OEM versions are limited to the end users themselves. OEM software is only valid for the initial set of hardware (machine) it is installed on.

Buying Software Upgrades
When consumers are looking for the latest version of their favorite software, they often spend almost twice as much by purchasing the full, retail version. Software manufacturers release updates to their programs as often as every year in order to keep up on the features and the latest operating system and hardware requirements. Owners of prior versions of the program are often eligible to buy the upgrade version instead of paying full price. Upgrades are typically much cheaper and include the full version of the program you want. Be sure to check to see which previous versions are eligible for the upgrade. Upgrades are for licensed owners of the currently owned software.

Buying Older Software
Another way to buy discount software is to buy older versions of software. The primary reason for buying last year’s (or earlier) software is that these programs can have most of the features for a lower cost than the latest version. Buying older software is a great option for those whose hardware or software isn’t compatible with the newest edition. Although many software developers come out with a new version every year, they often don’t have enough new features to justify the cost for each update (especially for multiple users). Find out what these new features are and determine whether they are enough to justify a higher cost.

Buying through Authorized Resellers
When buying software, purchasing through an authorized reseller can cost less compared to purchasing directly through the manufacturer. Authorized resellers receive discounts when purchasing large quantities of software and therefore are able to pass the savings onto the customer. Buying software online is usually cheaper than buying it at the nearby computer store because of the intense online competition. Also, using comparison websites such as PriceGrabber help customers find the lowest price on the software of their choice.

Licensing for Businesses
Licensing is a great way to save money for those buying software for multiple users. Typically, customers purchase one or two copies of the media (one for backup) and then buy the required number of licenses. Each license gives them the right to install that software on one computer. A license does not include any media or software discs; it is merely a certificate that represents the manufacturer’s legal permission to use the media. The minimum amount of licenses required through these licensing programs is usually 5, although that can vary. For Microsoft licensing products check out Microsoft Open Licensing. Or, for internet security solutions, see Symantec Software & Licensing. Many of these licensing options have some form of support program that can be purchased separately, like Microsoft’s Software Assurance or Symantec’s Basic Maintenance or Essential Support.

Buying Through Wholesale Programs
Another way for larger customers to buy discount software is through wholesale programs. Some companies offer special savings to resellers, corporations, government, or volume customers through some type of special savings program. These programs can also ease the burden of purchasing software in bulk by ensuring legality and maintaining licenses for a business. SoftwareMedia’s Customer Advantage Program (CAP) is one example of how to buy wholesale software. CAP is a great way for volume customers to buy software for extremely low prices that are not seen online.

Check out these discount solutions at and see how much you can save! Don’t hesitate to give one of our software specialists a call at 1-800-474-1045 with any questions.

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