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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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Microsoft Open Value Licensing Guide

| On 10, Aug 2007

What Microsoft’s Open Value Licensing Program is:

As offered by the computer giant Microsoft, there are three types of software licensing agreements that are based on the volumes of the software to be used in a particular organization. Microsoft Open Licensing has the benefit of being very useful for the users wanting flexible payment agreements with their licensing purchases. This guide will go over some of the most common Microsoft Open Value FAQs.

Microsoft Open Value, or OV, is the agreement that is aimed at providing an organization, having the need of at least 5 licenses, the opportunity to allocate its business costs with an element of flexibility. Unlike that of Microsoft Open Business, Open Value gives annuity and upfront payment options. As Open Value comes bundled with Microsoft’s Software Assurance, companies are given upgrade rights should a new version of the product be released during the term of the agreement. This is highly valuable for companies which want or require their software be on the cutting-edge.

What is the Pricing Structure?

The pricing structure of the Microsoft Open Value Licensing Program is based on per license. The subscriber to the license is required to pay a certain fixed fee and the same can be opted to be paid for three consecutive years.

The License Ownership Rights Transferability:

At the end of the agreement, the company comes to be the sole owner of the license.

Microsoft Open Value Features:

  • Tenure: The tenure of the Microsoft’s Open Value Licensing Program, as mentioned earlier, is three years.
  • Renewal Option: The customer has the option to get the license renewed for a term of one or three years when the license completes its first three years.
  • Automatic Upgrade: The customer is entitled to continuous upgrades of the licensed products during the term.
  • Product Addition: The customer has the option to add any of the Microsoft products to this license at any time during the tenure of the agreement.
  • Product Pricing for Added Products: As far as the added products are concerned, there are no different price bands applicable. Moreover, although the customer is free to add the product to the license at any time during the year, it is suggested to go for product additions at the start of the payment year, as there is no pro-rated pricing. The full price of the license will be charged for that year.

Eligibility to Microsoft’s Open Value Licensing Program:

Companies of all sizes have the option to apply for the Microsoft’s Open Value Licensing Program.

What are the Maintenance and Upgrade Options?

There are lots of benefits included within a Microsoft Open Value licensing agreement. Under this license, the customer enjoys all the rights as to software upgrades and maintenance (via Software Assurance). There are certain eLearning as well as other technical assistance programs available to customers through the Microsoft Open Value Licensing Program.

Media Kits Installation Pricing:

First-time Media Kits are shipped to the organization free of any extra charges for the products qualified. Should you need replacement kits, they can be ordered for a nominal fee.


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